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People of neubau: global brand director Daniel Liktor

neubau eyewear isn’t your typical anonymous label but a familiar brand with dozens of different faces and real stories to tell.

Sto­ries about the love for high qual­i­ty, strong design, inno­va­tion as well as per­son­al expe­ri­ences in Vienna’s Neubau dis­trict and lat­est dis­cov­er­ies in their neigh­bor­hood. Frame of Mind wants to intro­duce the peo­ple that make every­thing hap­pen. An inside view of what’s hap­pen­ing behind the scenes. 

In this week’s edi­tion, meet Daniel Likt­or, a nature enthu­si­ast, all-round good guy, and our glob­al brand dir­ect­or. When he’s not com­ing up with innov­at­ive ideas, you can find him in the kit­chen or on his bike. 

You came up with the name of the brand neubau’ — how did this hap­pen? Can you explain your cre­at­ive pro­cess?

It was a cre­at­ive pro­cess with the team. We tried to cre­ate a clear link between the brand’s name, what it stands for and the tar­get audi­ence we would like to address our brand to. We were clear on focus­ing on an urb­an audi­ence, and if pos­sible, include our Aus­tri­an her­it­age. As there is only one big glob­ally known Aus­tri­an city, we tried to focus on Vienna as the main inspir­a­tion for our urb­an and sus­tain­able brand. The spir­it of the Neubau dis­trict in Vienna can be com­pared to oth­er cre­at­ive hubs like Shored­itch in Lon­don or El Born in Barcelona. 

The name neubau came to my mind while cyc­ling up an Aus­tri­an moun­tain for hours!”


What inspires you?

People! I love to spend hours watch­ing and listen­ing to people. I love to have great con­ver­sa­tions with my friends and many dif­fer­ent people who have some­thing inspir­ing to tell. 

What’s the secret to suc­cess at work?

Pas­sion for what you do! Without being very pas­sion­ate about your work, you will struggle to exper­i­ence suc­cess. But, it’s also a fact that people have a very diverse view of what suc­cess means. It can be money, empower­ment or self-ful­fill­ment. To me, it’s pas­sion and the abil­ity to involve and motiv­ate every­one who par­ti­cip­ates in the best way possible.

How would you describe your role at neubau?

My offi­cial title is glob­al brand dir­ect­or. I see myself as the per­son respons­ible for the suc­cess of the brand. I also see myself as the coach of my team that con­sists of very strong and cap­able char­ac­ters. I try to steer and devel­op them in the best pos­sible dir­ec­tion, as I believe that a strong team is a key to suc­cess. We have a great team and I’m proud of what we have cre­ated so far.

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What pro­jects or tasks are you most excited about at work?

I love to cre­ate — either a brand or a product. As we are con­stantly work­ing on our brand pos­i­tion­ing and launch with four col­lec­tions per year, I nev­er get bored!

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at the office in the morn­ing?

I have a tasty cup of cof­fee pre­pared by Domin­ik, our product man­ager, with the oth­er team mem­bers and get ready for the day.

20191022 DSC 8020

If you had to wear one frame for the rest of your life – what style would you choose and why?

Our Robin is my most pre­ferred style. It suits me, it’s com­fy and it has a clas­sic but nev­er bor­ing design for every­day use. I must admit I do not need glasses, but I wear them as sun­nies quite often.

20191022 DSC 8116

Besides glass­es – which acces­so­ry is vital for you?

Sneak­ers, my favor­ite styles are the Nike Air Max 87 and Air Jordan IV in their ori­gin­al col­or­ways.

Tell us some­thing about your­self that would sur­prise people?

I turned 40 this year!

What’s your favor­ite glass­es-moment’ in pop cul­ture?

When Bilder­buch an up-and-com­ing Aus­tri­an band’s drum­mer wore our Sig­mund frame in their video and the record cov­er of their hit single Bun­ga­low back in 2017

What do you do to relax?

I love to pre­pare a meal, work with my hands and purely con­cen­trate on cre­at­ing tasty food for my girl­friend, friends or myself, which feels like med­it­a­tion sometimes.-I also love to ride my bike and spend some time in nature or play bas­ket­ball at the sports court around the corner of my flat.

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20191022 DSC 7721

What is your sug­ges­tion to live a more sus­tain­able yet styl­ish lifestyle? 

Liv­ing a more sus­tain­able life does not lim­it you in any kind of way!”

Try to sup­port region­al, inde­pend­ent and authen­t­ic brands and pro­jects the best you can; there are many options out there that offer more value in terms of sus­tain­ab­il­ity and social respons­ib­il­ity without any upcharge. The more people sup­port these brands, the bet­ter for all of us!

29 Oct 2019 · neubau eyewear
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