NEUBAU EYEWEAR Design drawing 2022


Innovative design and unique shaping

The design process for our eyewear takes place in a creative space in which we can move and think freely. By entering an open dialogue with each other, we build a strong foundation to find the best solution for each frame. Inspiration for our designs is found in all shapes or forms of our everyday life, but especially by taking on new perspectives.

The development of a frame

The creation of a NEUBAU frame always follows a distinct design principle where we combine aesthetics, precision and wearing comfort in one, unique product. Our design team has perfected the ability to understand materials, shapes and functionality in such a way as to translate abstract ideas into expressive, high-quality designs. The close collaboration between creatives and technicians alone allows us to produce eyewear of the highest standards.

Neubau Design 3d modelling


We understand our eyewear as an individual form of expression. This is why we are following our own standards of designs by creating products that are progressive, expressive, and modern. While developing our design language we ensure that each frame emphasizes the owner’s character and complements their own style.


All our premium eyewear is based on innovative, state-of-the-art technology that guarantees ultimate wearing comfort. Each pair of glasses is precisely handcrafted in up to 300 steps focusing on features of the highest quality. Selecting materials for our products is made in a no-compromise method where only the best materials are an option.

NEUBAU Production


For us, sustainability, design, and quality go hand in hand. Recognitions of all kinds have shown that we are not alone in this belief. We are proud that NEUBAU has already won several awards for the above categories. Recent examples include the German Design Award, the red dot award, the Silmo d’Or and the Certified Sustainable Eyewear Award (CSE) by the international fair MIDO.


Where craftmanship meets high tech and artistic expression meets state of the art production, premium design arises.

Gabriel Kirschner
NEUBAU design sketches
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