Designed, developed and manufactured in Austria.

Neuba eyewear design prozess

Inspired by urban culture

Our brand takes its name from Vienna’s most creative district: Neubau, a home to people who are dedicated to making their lives into a work of art. Our products pay homage to creative cosmopolitan hubs around the world, from Williamsburg to Shoreditch and beyond.

Where craftmanship meets high tech and artistic expression meets state of the art production, premium design arises.

Gabriel Kirschner
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Sustainable by design

At the same time, part of the pleasure of owning our unique urban eyewear is the knowledge that it is produced with the utmost respect for the environment. Each pair is lovingly crafted from sustainable materials in Austria and the Czech Republic. Conscious use of resources and cutting-edge technologies help us achieve our vision of sustainability.

Neubau Design 3d modelling

Premium in design

Premium in design means attention to details, clear execution of the idea and no compromises in terms of quality. Premium is a special hinge solution, seeking for the extraordinary and stepping out of the mainstream. Being bold and having the courage to take risks. Boldness doesn’t mean to go crazy in form and shape, but to question the status quo and to deliver alternatives.

Our models are called after employees, there is a real person behind every model.

Daniel Liktor
Managing Director - NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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