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People of neubau: product manager Dominik Füreder

neubau eyewear isn’t your typical anonymous label but a familiar brand with dozens of different faces and real stories to tell.

Stories about the love for high quality, strong design, innovation as well as personal experiences in Vienna’s Neubau district and latest discoveries in their neighborhood. Frame of Mind wants to introduce the people that make everything happen. An inside view of what’s happening behind the scenes. The first one in this series is Dominik Füreder, product manager, passionate balcony gardener and outdoor activist.

How do you explain what you’re doing at neubau eyewear?
I am the product manager of neubau eyewear. Together with our designers and the neubau team I’m developing the neubau eyewear collections.

The question I am asking myself all the time is: Which glasses and sunglasses do we need to offer the perfect collection?” It’s very inter-divisional. I’m also working very close with our technicians and sales.

I guess it might be interesting to explain how a new pair of glasses/​sunglasses comes to life. Starting with trend research we define in which direction the new collection should go. We think about upcoming trends and inspiration, our target group, materials and colors. Based on our input the design department work on first drafts and prototypes. These handmade or 3D printed prototypes help us to identify the perfect proportions to guarantee everyday wearing comfort.

The next steps are the digital construction and tool making on the engineer’s side. At the same time our Austrian production team develops our pre-defined new colorways for our lightweight polymer and stainless steel.

Another creative aspect of my work is the development of all packaging items, like cases and cleaning cloths. Through these products we are able to get in touch with the end-consumer, attract their attention and communicate the brand’s heritage.

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What’s the first thing you do when coming to the office?
Park my bike and brew fresh coffee with our French Press.

Self fulfillment at work is incredibly important – where can we find a part of Dominik?
I love simplicity and that you can definitely see in our products. You can find a part of me in all the styles from neubau eyewear.

If you had to wear one frame for the rest of your life – what style would you choose and why?
I would pick Sigmund as my optical style – it’s the perfect mélange of avantgarde and simplicity. James would be my sunglasses to wear forever – the shape reminds me of my childhood hero McGyver.

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What’s your favorite glasses-moment’ in pop culture?
I would say it’s the show Seinfeld. In this show you can find a few funny stories based on glasses. In one episode George needs a new pair and goes to an optician. Although his friends should help him pick a new frame he ends up with a pair of female glasses by accident…

What’s your most exciting story to tell about Vienna’s Neubau district?
There are so many. One of my favorite stories started with a coffee at Espresso. I was sightseeing the whole day with a friend from the US and we were totally exhausted because we visited all the tourist spots by bike. We lost track of time and luckily we left the Neubau district later than planned…otherwise I would not have met my girlfriend.

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What’s your secret place to go after work?
Although it’s secret I’ll tell you. I would say it’s my bike. Depending on my mood I use it to get to my different secret spots. My balcony, the roof top terrace of my gym and the quiet Danube riversides are my preferred places whenever I need a calm spot. But I also like to be around other people. Then I go to one of my favorite coffee places in Linz: Gerberei, Café Meier, Brotsüchtig or Salonschiff Fräulein Florentine.

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What do you do to relax?
Grocery shopping at the farmers market, cooking, sport, travelling, reading and watching TV-Shows.

Besides glasses – which accessory is vital for you?
My bike and scarfs – not only in winter.

One thing from your childhood you’re still doing:
Asking my father to give me a wake up call when I have to get up extremely early. He used to wake up my siblings and me for school every day when we still lived at home. Best alarm clock ever.

What’s next?
We always keep our eyes open for outstanding technologies and materials. We are working on a couple of new topics like material mixes and thinner metal styles. Overall the current collection will be extended with more exceptional models.

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25 Oct 2016 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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