Frequently asked questions

1. How to buy neubau spectacles

Buy­ing pre­scrip­tion spec­ta­cles and sun­glass­es
Our glass­es can only be pur­chased from our part­ner opti­cians. You can find details of our part­ner opti­cians through our retail­er search.

Ser­vice and help
You can con­tact our team by email: hello@​neubau-​eyewear.​com

2. neubau stores

There are no stores that are run by neubau direct­ly. Our prod­ucts can be pur­chased offline from our dis­tri­b­u­tion part­ners’ stores. You can find the store near­est to you through our retail­er search.

3. Production and products

Prod­uct acces­sories
All neubau eye­wear spec­ta­cles are shipped with a clean­ing cloth and a case.

Made in Aus­tria
Our prod­ucts rep­re­sent the high­est stan­dards in qual­i­ty and design. All of our spec­ta­cles are pro­duced in Aus­tria with a lot of love and a keen eye for detail. We are a brand of our moth­er com­pa­ny Sil­hou­ette Inter­na­tion­al Schmied AG.

4. Social Commitment

See & Do Good
Our efforts to stay con­scious of both envi­ron­men­tal needs and excel­lent design is con­veyed in the neubau mot­to SEE & DO GOOD. The con­scious use of resources and region­al Aus­tri­an pro­duc­tion are at the core of our efforts. This not only con­cerns the mate­r­i­al of our frames, it includes aspects like pack­ag­ing, print­ed and in-store mate­r­i­al. neubau eye­wear addi­tion­al­ly sup­ports non-prof­it projects rein­forc­ing nature in urban sur­round­ings. Under this [link] you can learn more about our projects.

nat­u­ralPX is a high­ly devel­oped eco-friend­ly mate­r­i­al used to man­u­fac­ture our poly­mer spec­ta­cle frames. nat­u­ralPX is made from organ­i­cal­ly sourced and renew­able pri­ma­ry prod­ucts, as 65% of it is based on oil extract­ed from the seeds of cas­tor oil plants.
nat­u­ralPX lives up to pre­mi­um mate­r­i­al char­ac­ter­is­tics: light in weight, super flex­i­ble and stur­dy, with­out any lim­i­ta­tions in terms of col­oration, from deep col­ors to a long-last­ing trans­par­ent crys­tal clear fin­ish. The light­ness of the mate­r­i­al allows for com­fort and gives our designs an enjoy­able feel.