NEUBAU EYEWEAR Shapeshifter Emma 269
NEUBAU Shapeshifter Logo White V1
New shapes, new ways. Shifting to the better.

our favourites

NEUBAU EYEWEAR Shapeshifter Emma 296 Emma Front m t118 9140 black coal matte/black
Made of the 65 % plant-based material naturalPX, the frame EMMA demonstrates that design and sustainability go hand in hand.
NEUBAU EYEWEAR Shapeshifter Charlie 039 Charlie Front m t119 9030 midnight tortoise/gold
Our new frame CHARLIE made of naturalPX and recycled Stainless steal, combines sustainable materials and modern design.
NEUBAU EYEWEAR Shapeshifter Jona 9670 Jona Front m t136 7210 titanium matte
JONA made of titanium convinces with extraordinary strength and lightness combined with high flexibility.
NEUBAU EYEWEAR Shapeshifter Marlin 080 Marlin Front m t135 7630 gold matte
Due to an outstanding material composition, the model MARLIN impresses with an extremely high wearing comfort.
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