NEUBAU EYEWEAR Shapeshifter Emma 165


The brand


Under the credo "We are the sustainable Avantgarde" we design and create avant-garde premium eyewear based on a sustainable brand philosophy. For NEUBAU, premium means combining responsibility, quality, and design in our handmade products.

In addition to the use of plant-based and durable materials, striving for the highest ecological standards and a resource-saving production is always at the priority of our actions.

Our inspiration

As an Austrian brand, Vienna's seventh district - as the Neubau district is also known - not only serves as a constant inspiration and namesake for NEUBAU EYEWEAR but is also home to countless creative people who have transformed the district into a melting pot of lifestyle labels, galleries, stores and restaurants with ever new ideas. This is where traditional craftsmanship meets innovation.

Neubau sustainability bee and flower

NEUBAU pioneers sustainable avantgarde. For us, this credo means that we act with social and ecological responsibility.

NEUBAU EYEWEAR Design drawing 2022

We create and manufacture best quality premium eyewear with the highest design standards.

Neubau material natural Acetate 11

The use of sustainable and resource-saving materials is strongly embedded in our brand philosophy.

NEUBAU EYEWEAR Production 2022 temple end

Handmade products in a resource-efficient, carbon-neutral production facility in the heart of Austria.

Eyewear is more than an object. It inspires with stories. Stories that change perspectives and behaviour. Inspiring, progressive, stylish, idealistic.

Daniel Liktor
Managing Director - NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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