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Distinct design and a sustainable brand philosophy

We are NEUBAU EYEWEAR, an Austrian eyewear label that designs and manufactures optical glasses and sunglasses with sustainability in its heart. Our vision is to bring premium eyewear to the people. Because we believe, that premium is the best way to care about our planet and the best way to resolve the conflict of wanting a better world and living a good life.

Premium for NEUBAU means sustainability, responsibility and design. That`s why we always challenge conventions and bravely offer new, creative options. We aim for the highest eco-friendly standards and use sustainable and innovative materials for a comfortable all-day wear, to create glasses in a distinct design that are standing out from the masses.

NEUBAU EYEWEAR Design drawing 2022

We create and develop high-quality premium eyewear with the highest design standards.

Neubau sustainability bee and flower

NEUBAU pioneers sustainable avantgarde. That means that we´re a socially fair and ecologically responsible business.

Neubau Vienna district 3

Our brand name NEUBAU pays tribute to international creative hubs such as Vienna’s Neubau district.

Sustainable materials

With our longstanding expertise we are on the forefront of using innovative technologies and materials during our production process. Our high-quality eyewear is made using sustainable materials, including bio-based polymers, recycled stainless steel and high-grade Japanese titanium.

Eyewear is more than an object. It inspires with stories. Stories that change perspectives and behaviour. Inspiring, progressive, stylish, idealistic.

Daniel Liktor
Managing Director - NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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