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Carbon neutral production

Handmade in Austria

Made in Austria

We are a brand that produces its eyewear in its home country Austria, in the heart of Europe. This gives us direct control over the production processes we use, so that we can be assured of their minimal environmental impact. Since Austria is home to some of the strictest environmental protection regulations in the world, it is a perfect location for promoting our sustainable production practices.

Our Manufacturing thought

Quality is our highest priority, along with technological precision. That's why each of our eyewear is meticulously handcrafted in 200 to 300 steps. To ensure that our products meet our standards, each pair of glasses undergoes a stringent quality process before we send them to our customers.

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Carbon neutral production facility

Since 2022 our company site, with production facility in the heart of Austria, will be carbon neutral. We were able to achieve this goal through the systematic transformation of a wide range of processes to sustainable methods and additional compensation through certified climate protection projects. A transparent presentation of our success is particularly important to us.

Our production methods

To achieve our sustainability goals, we take every measure possible to reduce the environmental impact of our production practices. Apart from using energy from clean sources only, filtering air pollutants and conserving water, this also means pushing things forward when it comes to new production technologies and sustainable materials.

3D printing with natural3D

Our 3D printing with natural3D can be most simply described as a sintering process in which multiple layers of powdered plastic are baked into a solid workpiece. This process is known as SLS (selective laser sintering). "Sintering" means using heating to create a solid shape without heating the plastic to the point of liquefaction. This process is particularly sustainable because it uses only as much material as is needed for sintering. The remaining 3D printing material can be recycled. So it's an exceptionally efficient way of manufacturing with zero waste.

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Injection molding with natural px

We have developed a rapid injection molding process for our naturalPX material, which allows us to better control the flow of naturalPX into the mold, resulting in a more efficient manufacturing process and less waste. More than 90% of the processed material is used to make new frames. The little waste from naturalPX can be recycled.

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Neubau production natural PX granulate
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