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District Gui­de: El Born, Barcelona

seen by Anabel Luna, fashion photographer

Accord­ing to Ana­bel, Bar­ce­lo­na is a city that never sleeps — and, jud­ging from her vast CV, taking a break is not real­ly her thing eit­her. Working as a fashion pho­to­gra­pher can alrea­dy be exhaus­ting, but owning and mana­ging two event and stu­dio spaces on top must be qui­te a chal­len­ge. She shares the pas­si­on (and respon­si­bi­li­ty) for the­se crea­ti­ve hubs with her part­ner, musi­ci­an and DJ, Ger­ard Dau­rel­la. Tog­e­ther they’re alrea­dy plan­ning their next big thing: NOU-STU­DI­OS which will be ope­ned soon. Born and rai­sed in Bar­ce­lo­na, Ana­bel knows the city insi­de out, her new favo­ri­te neigh­bor­hood El Born she actual­ly explo­red only recent­ly though. Being the rest­less open-min­ded per­son that she is, it didn’t take long to dis­co­ver all the secret spots that made her fall in love with this district.

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The Neu­bau district in my town would be El Born. In this neigh­bor­hood, the tra­di­tio­nal and the modern coexist in har­mo­ny. It’s one of the most char­ming are­as in Bar­ce­lo­na, with lots of cul­tu­re and night­li­fe to dis­co­ver, the best cafés to hang out in, and the coo­lest shops to spend your money in.“

Do you have one beau­ti­ful memo­ry that will always be asso­cia­ted with El Born? I didn’t know the area too well until Ger­ard — my busi­ness and life part­ner — show­ed me around. Strol­ling through the streets of Born, you can dis­co­ver a fasci­na­ting side of Bar­ce­lo­na whe­re old tra­di­ti­ons are still thri­ving. The streets are lit with beau­ti­ful old lan­terns, the shops wow with high cei­lings, and you can find bars that have been around for more than 40 years. The El Born mar­ket, which has now beco­me a muse­um, is ano­t­her stun­ning spot in this neigh­bor­hood — don’t lea­ve the city without visi­t­ing it!

1. Mer­cat del Born Pla­ça Comercial, 12, 08003 Barcelona

When you want to impress your date bring them to Café-Bar Mudanz­as. It’s a bar that has been around for more than 40 years and real­ly repres­ents the spi­rit of the neigh­bor­hood. It’s clo­se to the Church of San­ta Maria del Mar, one of the city’s most beau­ti­ful church­es. Here they crea­te the most per­fect cock­tails and have a huge selec­tion of Whis­keys from all over the glo­be. Some­ti­mes they even have live musi­ci­ans play­ing a fine selec­tion of tunes.

2. Mudanz­as, C / Vid­rie­ria | 15, 08003 Bar­ce­lo­na, @barmudanzas

To make a foo­die heart beat fas­ter go to Koku Kit­chen Buns. Foun­ded in 2016 by Ross, Mark, and Robert — who also own ano­t­her Koku Kit­chen that spe­cia­li­zes in Ramen — they ser­ve the best Hira­ta Bun’. You should also try the eda­ma­me, kim­chi salad, calf pho and their refres­hing home­ma­de lemonade.

3. Koku Kit­chen Buns | Car­rer del Comerç, 29, 08003 Bar­ce­lo­na, @kokukitchen

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You can find the nicest vin­ta­ge clothes in Blow store. The guys who run it are ado­rable and they always help you find the best stuff.

4. Blow store | Car­rer de Bon­aire, 6, 08003 Bar­ce­lo­na, @leswingvintage

The most pho­to­ge­nic place in the city is the Estación de Fran­cia (Sta­ti­on of Fran­ce) — a must-see for all visitors! 

5. Estación de Fran­cia | Av. del Mar­quès de l‘Argentera, 08003 Barcelona

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My urban oasis is Hen­na More­na. It’s a beau­ty salon for your hair and skin with all sus­tainab­le and natu­ral pro­ducts. Whenever I can, I escape to this oasis in the midd­le of Born whe­re they take care of me and mes­me­ri­ze all my sen­ses with the scents of laven­der and pine. 

6. Hen­na More­na | Car­rer de l‘Esparteria, 12, 08003 Bar­ce­lo­na, @hennamorena

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The best place to peop­le watch is sit­ting on a bench in Passeig del Born. All kinds of peop­le pass through here: tou­rists, workers, wai­ters, nuns who go to the church of San­ta Maria del Mar, young peop­le who go par­ty­ing, mothers with their babies, dogs and their owners, and so on…

7. Passeig del Born | Passeig del Born, 08003 Barcelona

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Why does your job per­fect­ly match your city? I am a fashion pho­to­gra­pher and I own two stu­di­os that we rent out for shoots and events. And Bar­ce­lo­na is made for this par­ti­cu­lar branch! Working here is very inspi­ring; you meet peop­le from all over the world and you just never know who might beco­me your next cli­ent. Bar­ce­lo­na is an easy-going city with a very posi­ti­ve and hap­py vibe whe­re peop­le can find rela­xa­ti­on from stress no mat­ter how big the district might be. It is and will always be inte­res­ting to live and work here.

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