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District Gui­de: Con­vent Gar­den, London

seen by Jonathan Daniel Pryce, photographer

The award-win­ning pho­to­gra­pher Jona­than Dani­el Pryce, ali­as Gar­con­Jon, has built his care­er on a pas­sio­na­te idea: back in 2008, when Insta­gram wasn’t even a thing and blog­ger” was still a rare pro­fes­si­on, he star­ted docu­men­ting street styles in his home town of Glas­gow. Sin­ce then he’s focu­sed on pho­to­gra­phing men with a uni­que fashion sen­se, but ope­ned his port­fo­lio to col­la­bo­ra­ti­ons with renow­ned brands and maga­zi­nes, as well. For our gui­de he shows us around his new home of choice, Covent Gar­den in London.

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I love Covent Gar­den becau­se it feels small and trans­ports me to London’s his­to­ric past. The sen­se of sca­le with low buil­dings con­trasts with its bust­ling and urban con­tem­pora­ry culture.”

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Do you have one beau­ti­ful memo­ry that will fore­ver be asso­cia­ted with your neigh­bor­hood? In June of 2018, I did a ten year retro­spec­ti­ve of my street style work. It was a show pre­sen­ted by Vogue Hom­mes on the Lon­don Fashion Week sche­du­le and was a semi­nal moment for my care­er. We had the show on Flo­ral Street near the Piaz­za in Covent Gar­den. I’ll never for­get the ope­ning night.

1. Covent Gar­den Piaz­za | Cran­bourn St, Lon­don WC2H 7AR

When do you get inspi­red? Peop­le inspi­re me most. That’s why Lon­don is so per­fect. There’s a con­stant stream of new faces com­ing into the city.

The best place to peop­le watch is Seven Dials. Peop­le from all walks of life pass by.

2. Seven Dials | Lon­don WC2H 9LX

Why does your job per­fect­ly match your city? Lon­don is a city that always loo­ks for­ward. It is nost­al­gic with its pre­ser­va­ti­on of the past but over­all, it’s opti­mistic and futu­ris­tic. That suits pho­to­gra­phy. It’s a tech­ni­cal art form that, for me, is about docu­men­ting chan­ges in the world.

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How do you spend a Wed­nes­day in Covent Gar­den? I usual­ly visit the Natio­nal Por­trait Gal­le­ry on the bor­der of Covent Gar­den during the week so it’s nice and quiet. I can get lost in the­re for hours.

3. Natio­nal Por­trait Gal­le­ry | St Martin‘s Place, Lon­don WC2H 0HE, @nationalportraitgallery

4. My urban oasis is St-Giles-in-the-Fiel­ds church. 60 St Giles High Street, Lon­don WC2H 8LG

5. When I want to relax after work I go to a show at the Gar­rick Theat­re. 2 Cha­ring Cross Road, Lon­don WC2H 0HH

Districtguide 0219 Conventgarden 2

6. The best vin­ta­ge books and art dea­lers can be found at Cecil Court. Bet­ween Cha­ring Cross Road and St Martin‘s Lane, Lon­don WC2N

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Fur­ther pla­ces to visit:

7. Ame­ri­can Clas­sics Store The ulti­ma­te shop for mens­we­ar, this store has all of my favo­ri­te brands. It‘s cura­ted per­fect­ly and spe­cia­li­zes in work­we­ar. 20 Endell Street, Lon­don WC2H 9BD, @americanclassicslondon

8. Mon­mouth Cof­fee It near­ly always has a queue but that‘s tes­ta­ment to how good the cof­fee is. I usual­ly have it to take away, sin­ce it’s small insi­de, but if you get the­re mid-morning there’s usual­ly a lull and some space to sit, read a book and relax.27 Mon­mouth Street, Lon­don WC2H 9EU

9. Neal’s Yard Dai­ry I‘m defi­ni­te­ly a cheese-board-over-des­sert kind of guy. This loca­ti­on has so many gre­at choices, you could spend an hour in the­re sam­pling the best on offer. 17 Short‘s Gar­dens, Lon­don WC2H 9AT, @neals_yard_dairy

10. The Rock and Sole Plaice One of the oldest fish and chips shops in Lon­don (with one of the best names too). This is the place I love taking inter­na­tio­nal friends when they’re in Lon­don. It’s a litt­le over-pri­ced perhaps, but the Cock­ney ban­ter you get out of it is worth it. 45 – 49 Endell St, Lon­don WC2H 9AJ, @rockandsoleplaice

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