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Changing the perspective changes the world


Changing the perspective

Inspired by the natural element of water and driven by the urgent need to rethink the way we treat the environment, we are not afraid to make waves in calm seas or break through the surface. As a pioneer of sustainable eyewear, connecting people with nature is always of paramount importance for us. It´s not about nostalgically looking back in time but a matter of always striving for longevity, regional production, and a connection to the planet we all call home. Because great things can arise from small changes in perspective.

And so we flow, and so we rise. To realize: even the smallest act, can become a wave, that changes the way, we see the earth.

natural px

Our models from the WATER collection are made from naturalPX. 65% of this innovative bio-based polyamide material is made up of oil extracted from organically grown castor beans. The remaining 35% is regular polymer which is needed to reinforce the strength and elasticity of the material. naturalPX doesn’t just help us minimize our carbon footprint, it allows us to design and manufacture High-performance eyewear in a wide range of stylish colors and finishes.

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Because sometimes, we just have to change our perspective, to change the world.

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