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Look­book 2021

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the sus­tain­able avantgarde

It seems like every­where you turn these days, someone is advoc­at­ing a return to nature” urging us to go back to sim­pler times. We hear this phrase all the time, but what does it really mean? Are we meant to give up all that we love about the mod­ern age, in order to find some deep­er wis­dom or save the plan­et? We don’t think so. Estab­lish­ing a con­nec­tion to nature, wheth­er on an adven­ture tour through a dark, mys­ter­i­ous forest, a long walk in a mead­ow, or swim­ming in a moun­tain lake, has noth­ing to do with regres­sion or going back in time. Quite the con­trary. People who want to live in har­mony with nature and respect for the ele­ments are pion­eers – they belong to a new age of avant­garde thinkers. Fore­run­ners who know how to blend mod­ern life and the power of nature.


These cour­ageous and out of the box thinkers delight in going off the beaten path.

the move­ment

Driv­en by respect and appre­ci­ation for the envir­on­ment, their pion­eer­ing spir­it is expressed in the ima­gin­a­tion of a world in which design and sus­tain­ab­il­ity are bound togeth­er. At NEUBAU EYE­WEAR we are con­vinced that it is pos­sible to care for the envir­on­ment and enjoy life’s beauty at the same time. As part of the sus­tain­able avant­garde move­ment, we believe that the word premi­um stands for sus­tain­ab­il­ity, respons­ib­il­ity, and design.


We are the sus­tain­able avant­garde, the spear­head of a new move­ment, the pion­eers that really care for our planet.

For us, it’s not about nos­tal­gic­ally look­ing back in time, or about flower power and tie die, but a mat­ter of always striv­ing for longev­ity, region­al pro­duc­tion, and a con­nec­tion to the plan­et we all call home. Always keep­ing in mind how incred­ibly import­ant it is to become aware of the great amount of pos­sib­il­it­ies that can arise from small changes in how we envi­sion our future. Because great things can arise from small changes in perspective.

per­spect­ives of pioneers

NEUBAU EYEWEAR Sepcial Edition Perspectives of Pionieers Lotte Hans rocks and sea

chan­ging the perspective

Diving into a page turn­ing story, get­ting lost in unknown worlds, leav­ing your com­fort zone with a sense of anti­cip­a­tion — in every­day life, we are con­stantly look­ing for ways to escape from the world as we know it. If only for a brief moment, we allow ourselves to get lost in our ima­gin­a­tions, some­times to find peace, some­times to return to the hustle and bustle of daily life with a new per­spect­ive. Going to new worlds that we’d nev­er before ima­gined shows us some­thing new about our own.

NEUBAU EYEWEAR Sepcial Edition Perspectives of Pionieers Lotte Hans men 2

When a leap into the unknown not only changes your per­spect­ive, but also your whole life, then this is usu­ally the begin­ning of an extraordin­ary story – a nar­rat­ive in which pas­sion and curi­os­ity act as driv­ing forces.

A new vision

When Hans Hass was 18, he went deep sea diving for the first time and dis­covered a world that he couldn’t even begin to ima­gine. He didn‘t yet know that count­less dives, exped­i­tions and research work would fol­low this first leap into the unknown, or that it would earn him and his wife Lotte the repu­ta­tion as pion­eers of mod­ern diving. One thing he might have guessed back then is that even small changes in per­spect­ive can lead to a com­pletely new vis­ion of our world.

NEUBAU EYEWEAR Sepcial Edition Perspectives of Pionieers Lotte Hans man under water

we don’t fear to jump into the unknown.


NEUBAU EYEWEAR under water mood

How­ever, chan­ging their own per­spect­ives wasn’t enough for Lotte and Hans Hass. They wanted oth­er people to see the ocean in a dif­fer­ent light, not as dan­ger­ous and uncanny, but as a hab­it­at worthy of protection.”

bound­less pion­eer­ing spirit

Lotte and Hans‘ pion­eer­ing spir­it is reflec­ted in the avant­garde design lan­guage of this year‘s Spe­cial Edi­tion, a col­lec­tion entitled Per­spect­ives of Pion­eers”. The design of the extraordin­ary Lotte & Hans“ sunglasses is inspired by the shape of clas­sic diving goggles, as well as on the pristine under­wa­ter world. The clear, flow­ing con­tours of the frame and their hori­zont­ally posi­tioned visor are remin­is­cent of the move­ment of the waves and the depth of the sea. The res­ult is a futur­ist­ic appear­ance that embod­ies one thing above all: bound­less pion­eer­ing spir­it. This spir­it is not only vis­ible from the out­side, but from with­in as well: By using the 100% bio-based mater­i­al natural3D, NEUBAU EYE­WEAR con­tribu — tes to the con­ser­va­tion of our resources and to the pro­tec­tion of our oceans with this year‘s Spe­cial Edition.

Join the sus­tain­able avantgarde.

NEUBAU EYEWEAR Sepcial Edition Perspectives of Pionieers Lotte Hans future
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