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A sustainable tribute to an endless summer

If the 60s taught us any­thing, it’s that revolu­tion­ary atti­tudes flour­ish across many dif­fer­ent fields. It was a time of lib­er­a­tion, when people freed them­selves from the norms that until then had gov­erned their lives and fol­lowed the urge to try new things. Some­how, every­one seemed to be on the hunt for a life without lim­its — for some that meant hanging out with like-minded paci­fists in Haight Ash­bury, for oth­ers it was rather about explor­ing the French Rivi­era, where the artsy-inclined became heav­ily engaged with the avant-garde. 

It’s no won­der, then, that dir­ect­or Jacques Deray used the impress­ive scenery of the Côte d’Azur as the back­drop for La Pis­cine” – a movie that would become a paradigm of French cinema. Star­ring Romy Schneider, Alain Delon and Maurice Ron­et, the film’s char­ac­ters find them­selves on an unre­lent­ing quest for free­dom — a lib­er­a­tion guided by free-flow­ing emo­tions and instinct­ive sensuality. 

Inspired by the sen­su­al cool of Deray’s cult clas­sic, our brand-new spe­cial col­lec­tion Côte du Soleil is about the beauty that comes when cour­age and free­dom collide. 

Our frames are named Alain, Romy and Maurice, allud­ing to the three act­ors that helped La Pis­cine” to acquire its legendary status, and there are unmis­tak­able par­al­lels in the frames’ forms too. Just as the pool’s edge embraces the glit­ter­ing water with­in, the frames of our three new mod­els stretch like a band around the lenses. 

And with the use of our 100% bio-based mater­i­al natural3D, we also wanted to hark back to the the less­er known, rus­tic and nat­ur­al side of the Côte d’Azur, which long before La Pis­cine” was shot, was home to high-qual­ity, down-to-earth design.

For our Cóte du Soleil spe­cial edi­tion we won the coveted 2020 Red Dot Award and the IF Design Award 2020 for Product Design! The design of Romy, Alain und Maurice was chosen to be one oft he best product designs in the cat­egory glasses“ and sunglasses”.

Aside from that we received the Good Design Award for our natural3D mater­i­al. This mater­i­al is not only derived from renewabe source, it also enables us to pro­duce the frames without cre­at­ing or cut­ting waste, so the whole pro­cess leaves an extremely small eco­lo­gic­al footprint.

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