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A voyage between inspiration and music with Brina Knauss

Travelling around the most creative urban districts of Europe for the launch event of neubau eyewear, in Italy we met with Brina, DJ of the evening at Killer Kiccen, Milan.

Musi­cian, sing­er, and mod­el with a simple and mod­ern style, Brina was born in Slov­e­nia, trans­planted to Mil­an, and travels con­tinu­ally with her music between Ibiza, Lon­don, and Italy where she is a very pop­u­lar trend­set­ter of fash­ion and life­style brands.

We like cre­at­ive and mul­ti­fa­ceted per­sonae, those who draw their inspir­a­tion from the world and are a con­stant source of inspir­a­tion for oth­ers. So we decided to have a chat with her to find out more.

You began as a sing­er and mod­el, now you embody a spokes­per­son and above all DJ. Brina, which of these titles suit you best?
It’s dif­fi­cult to choose one over the oth­ers. On every occa­sion, I try to be myself. I tend to always choose situ­ations and col­lab­or­a­tions that allow me to do so without hav­ing to make dif­fi­cult com­prom­ises. If I should pick one though, I would have to say that cer­tainly behind the con­sole is where I can allow myself to express my feel­ings in total free­dom, with no restric­tions. I believe that music is the instru­ment that lets us express who we are with the highest num­ber of facets pos­sible: there is the sound, the atmo­sphere that is cre­ated, visu­al and emo­tion­al con­tact with many people at the same time, body lan­guage, aes­thet­ics. Yes – being a DJ prob­ably allows me to tell and con­vey who I am, cre­at­ively, with no fil­ters whatsoever.

Work­ing as a DJ, you find your­self trav­el­ling around the world exper­i­en­cing the music of dif­fer­ent coun­tries, some­times even mul­tiple times in just a few days. Which cit­ies do you feel most at home in and what inspires you most on a cre­at­ive level?
Hav­ing just spent an unfor­get­table sum­mer sea­son there, I would have to say Ibiza. But I have to spe­cify: every­one thinks of Isla as the temple of club­bing and excesses, where night and day are mixed and con­fused and any­thing goes. Over-the-top is a must. But its essence is made of intim­ate sun­rises, simple and spon­tan­eous people, a per­fect cli­mate in every sea­son, a Medi­ter­ranean diet, and a splen­did sea­side. Ber­lin instead is the city where cre­ativ­ity and innov­a­tion meet, in an urb­an set­ting that is always stim­u­lat­ing and brim­ming with inspir­a­tion. But many European cap­it­als and oth­ers are acquir­ing these char­ac­ter­ist­ics, espe­cially thanks to artists and young people who travel and spread the cul­ture of sharing.

What dif­fer­ences do you notice in the people in clubs when trav­el­ling to dif­fer­ent coun­tries? What do they have in com­mon and how are they cul­tur­ally dis­tant?
The dif­fer­ences in their response, the level of engage­ment and inter­ac­tion with the pub­lic vary — notice­ably — accord­ing to what I have iden­ti­fied as music­al cul­ture. In north­ern European coun­tries, espe­cially in Lon­don, where I have had the oppor­tun­ity to play at the Beat Club, they prefer more soph­ist­ic­ated and under­ground music. The club is not only a con­text of enter­tain­ment, but also a place where people go to enjoy a show, as if it were a con­cert or a the­at­ric­al per­form­ance. In this con­text I feel very much at home and I can get more intense feed­back. In oth­er cit­ies where club­bing is per­ceived more as a way of hav­ing fun on Sat­urday night, com­mer­cial music dom­in­ates and they wait for the latest big hits before hit­ting the dance floor. The second approach is not very me”, so I have to work even harder: in the end, it is a stim­u­lat­ing challenge.

You were born in Slov­e­nia, you live in Mil­an, but you also work in Lon­don and Ibiza. As we have said, you travel lots, liv­ing in many cit­ies and dif­fer­ent cul­tures. Which city do you think suits you best for your life as an artist?
It would be nice to be able to make a mix: vital­ity, the pub­lic and the essen­tially unlim­ited offer­ings of Lon­don, the music­al cul­ture, cre­ativ­ity, and humane and live­able dimen­sion of Ber­lin, togeth­er with the warmth, beauty, and end­less nights of Ibiza. Mil­an, between the design dis­trict, Brera, the Nav­igli, and Porta Nuova is becom­ing a hot­bed of inspir­a­tion and pic­ture-post­card views. But many cit­ies of East­ern Europe and ex-Yugoslavia fas­cin­ate me tre­mend­ously for their street art trends, their sim­pli­city, and their cul­tur­al meet­ing places.

Which cit­ies would you like to per­form in next year?
Cer­tainly I would still like to get back to Lon­don for a more intense and con­tinu­ous exper­i­ence of its cul­ture and atmo­sphere. I feel like I could con­trib­ute a lot in terms of energy and inspir­a­tion. Then my dream is to fly over­seas more often to the United States, to learn how people dif­fer­ent from Europeans would react to my music. In Octo­ber I played at Pro­vocateur in New York. It was a unique exper­i­ence that I would like to fol­low up on.

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02 Dec 2016 · neubau eyewear
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