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Artists of the month: Anna and Marcus from Green Blogazine VIERTEL \ VOR

What makes standing by what you believe in even more powerful? Collaborating with like-minded people and turning your shared vision into reality! Anna and Marcus, founders of the sustainability focused online magazine VIERTEL \ VOR, took that by heart.

Not only do they work togeth­er and are a couple in their private life, but also want to encour­age all of us to join them in their quest for liv­ing a more aware life­style. Based in Branden­burg near Ber­lin, Anna and Mar­cus chan­nel all their cre­at­ive power into show­cas­ing the work of oth­er sus­tain­ab­il­ity driv­en people, high­light­ing import­ant issues regard­ing con­sumer­ism, and edu­cat­ing all of us about how to live a green­er life­style – sounds like a per­fect fit for our artists of the month cat­egory, does­n’t it?

With earth day just behind us, we asked Anna and Mar­cus all about how VIER­TEL \ VOR star­ted and what their wishes for the sus­tain­ab­il­ity-move­ment are.

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How did the idea for Vier­tel \ Vor come about?
Anna: We are both freel­an­cers. Mar­cus is a video dir­ect­or, DOP, and a damn good pho­to­graph­er, too. I’m a journ­al­ist and copy­writer. We were always lucky to have good assign­ments for large brands, agen­cies, magazines, and pub­lish­ers. But bit by bit we real­ized that we often made good advert­ising for bad stuff. We were busy pro­mot­ing things and ideas that are not truly import­ant to us.

Mar­cus: Also, the always-recur­ring trends and the con­sump­tion life­style of our West­ern cul­ture bored us. I can­’t find any­thing inter­est­ing in going to a mall and don’t feel sat­is­fied by buy­ing any­thing. The whole top­ic of sus­tain­ab­il­ity on the oth­er hand is a real chal­lenge that ques­tions our whole social­iz­a­tion. This is much more exciting!

Anna: So, sud­denly Mar­cus dropped one very decis­ive sen­tence: We need new role mod­els. In a way, that’s what Vier­tel \ Vor is all about: People who think dif­fer­ent. People who care about happy bees, enough trees, fresh air and clean water. Mod­ern envir­on­ment­al­ists who want to sup­port our loc­al plan­et while hav­ing fun! Think­ing about sus­tain­ab­il­ity is cool. It does not have to be com­plic­ated. It can look good, taste good, smell good, and give us and every­one around a good time.

Mar­cus: And we per­son­ally are happy to now be able to com­bine our skills with a good purpose.

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How do you find a good bal­ance between work and (private-)life?
Mar­cus: As a freel­an­cer I learned over the years to stop work­ing at a cer­tain point and try to handle my work­life as if I would be employed some­where. The prob­lem is that I find so many inter­est­ing top­ics in my timelines that I have to think about work all the time. That’s cool, but that’s also why it’s some­times hard to really let go. I’ll have to switch off my cell or Social Media to really calm down. The best thing for that is to work in the garden.

Anna: So true! Because, to be hon­est, some­times I can­’t find this bal­ance! Since the launch of Vier­tel \ Vor work and life are pretty much inter­twined. But it’s also more fun to work now, so some­times it’s ok to mix up the so-called work-life-bal­ance. Nev­er­the­less, I’m cur­rently try­ing to have one cell­phone free day per week. Apart from that, we nev­er cap­ture real private or too spe­cial moments for our blogazine and social media, sorry! Espe­cially moments in nature like a beau­ti­ful sun­down in Branden­burg, where we mostly live, have to be enjoyed without any thoughts about Insta-Stor­ies or stuff like that in my opinion.

What does sus­tain­ab­il­ity” mean to you?
Mar­cus: To make sure that we live in bal­ance with nat­ur­al resources and pro­cesses so our kids can have a good envir­on­ment to live in.

Anna: For me it simply means to care. Think about what leads to what, think about what’s really import­ant. And – most import­antly: reduce! We don’t expect any­one to become totally ascet­ic. But a little less fast fash­ion items, bet­ter meat, and here and there a renounce­ment of plastic waste is easy to do! Example: Say no to Cof­fee-to-go and take your time to drink it. Or buy a nice reusable mug.

Apart from that, what can every­body do to start liv­ing a more sus­tain­able life?
Anna: Sharp your aware­ness! Just start to care a little more about pro­duc­tion con­di­tions and mater­i­als. Buy loc­al food or skip fast fash­ion. When it comes to clothes my favor­ite man­tra is less is more”. It’s cool to just have a few pieces – real favorites.

Mar­cus: It’s actu­ally not that hard. You can switch to renew­able energy any­time. You can start to shop loc­al and without plastic any­time. You can switch to a bank that does­n’t invest into fossil fuels, weapons or shitty com­pan­ies. You can do all those things right now and without any big effort. It’s your decision.

What are the small things every­one can look out for in every­day life?
Mar­cus: Invest your money wisely. With every Euro or Dol­lar you spend you sup­port a cer­tain com­pany and a cer­tain way of pro­duc­tion. Ask your­self which com­pan­ies you want to sup­port – those who treat this plan­et like shit or those who care and think for­ward and sus­tain­able. Again – it’s your decision.

Is there some­thing spe­cif­ic every­one should know about sus­tain­ab­il­ity?
Mar­cus: You are the one that has the power to change everything.

Anna: Word.

Where do you see the future of the sus­tain­ab­il­ity-move­ment?
Anna: I would love for it to become sex­i­er! Because with a little more fun and style, a lot of the harder and even much more import­ant envir­on­ment-top­ics could reach the main­stream much faster. Apart from that, we are sure that sus­tain­ab­il­ity and a green life­style are more than a trend or even more than a move­ment. It’s a must. And it affects all of us.

Mar­cus: Yes. I hope that it’s not just a move­ment any­more but a status-quo.

Pho­to­graphy & Concept Mar­cus Wern­er & Anna Schunck

26 Apr 2017 · neubau eyewear
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