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Blog 1801 Sustainable Projects To Know

Get to know: six sustainable projects helping to make the world a greener place

Sustainability is no longer a "trend" or "fad" but is a very real issue that is taking the forefront in political, social and economic spheres – and these projects are shining light on this development.

In line with the rejec­tion of fast fash­ion, the rise in vegan-ism and gov­ern­ment­al legis­la­tion chan­ging to help pre­vent glob­al warm­ing, sus­tain­able ini­ti­at­ives are also expand­ing and gain­ing more traction.

And while sus­tain­ab­il­ity may be a hot polit­ic­al issue, it also affects the per­son­al. More and more people are decid­ing to buy clean­er, green­er products. Indi­vidu­als are edu­cat­ing them­selves on the issue and how they can help save the plan­et (Net­flix has a big part to play in this with doc­u­ment­ar­ies such as Black­fish” prov­ing to be very pop­u­lar). Thanks to the inter­net, it is easi­er than ever to find out where your clothes and food really come from and to find out about how to join some game-chan­ging cam­paigns. Here, we look at six sus­tain­able pro­jects from across the globe that are chan­ging the sus­tain­able land­scape for the best.

Studio Roosegaarde

The brainchild of innov­at­or and artist Daan Roose­gard, this stu­dio cre­ates land­scapes of the future for a bet­ter world”. Pro­jects such as this smog-free tower in Rot­ter­dam helps puri­fy the air by suck­ing in dirty air like a giant vacu­um clean­er. The tower then fil­ters the air and pumps back out health­i­er, smog free air, effect­ively help­ing to reduce air pol­lu­tion. The stu­dio has fin­ished sev­er­al oth­er pro­jects which are being imple­men­ted in vari­ous cit­ies: inter­na­tion­ally acclaimed works include WATER­LICHT (a vir­tu­al flood which shows the power of water) and SMART HIGH­WAY (roads that charge through­out the day and glow at night).

The Seabin Project

Their mis­sion is simple: to help rid the planet’s oceans of pol­lu­tion. Aim­ing to get rid of all the plastic pol­lu­tion that accu­mu­lates in the oceans, Seabin cre­ated what is essen­tially a giant bin for under­wa­ter. The bins are placed in high debris areas where they suck in water and rub­bish and then fil­ter the water back out, leav­ing the rub­bish safely inside the bin. The catch bag can hold up to 20 Kgs of debris and needs to be main­tained and emp­tied around twice a day. The Seabin pro­ject also run a series of work­shops espe­cially for chil­dren to teach them how to dis­pose of rub­bish in an envir­on­ment­ally friendly way.


Premiered at the Ber­lin Fest­iv­al of Lights, this smart street path­way con­verts the kin­et­ic energy of people’s foot­steps into elec­tric­al energy and data. One foot­step pro­duces enough energy to light an LED light­bulb for approx­im­ately 20 seconds. The idea is that even­tu­ally foot­steps could power whole cit­ies, ren­der­ing out­dated and energy con­sum­ing tech­niques obsolete.


As space becomes increas­ingly expens­ive, par­tic­u­larly in densely pop­u­lated cit­ies and towns, many people are turn­ing to space sav­ing fur­niture solu­tions. These kinds of fur­niture are usu­ally mod­u­lar, multi-pur­pose and very cost effect­ive. Think IKEA but way sav­vi­er. Juust, the Aus­tri­an design stu­dio have come up with a port­able, light­weight box that com­bines a bed, table, bike, chair and stor­age shelving.

Honeybee Conservancy

The Hon­ey­bee Con­servancy is a non-profit organ­iz­a­tion that works to help the bees, while increas­ing access to organ­ic, sus­tain­able food in under-served com­munit­ies. Accord­ing to them, bees are at the heart of our sur­viv­al. One in three bites of food we eat depends entirely on bees – and they are dying out”. We recently partnered with the organ­isa­tion to help bring hon­ey­bee hives to two thriv­ing urb­an farms in New York City and to cel­eb­rate our com­mit­ment to using sus­tain­able mater­i­als in products and packaging.

Green City Solutions

The second pro­ject on our list that aims to tackle air pol­lu­tion is Green City Solu­tions. Foun­ded in 2014, the com­pany has worked to merge the innov­a­tions in Inter­net of Things (IoT) with plants and green­ery. It is now com­mon know­ledge that city dwell­ers breath­ing in pol­luted air are more likely to suf­fer from asthma, heart dis­ease and lung can­cer because of the poor qual­ity of the air where they live. Their city trees are a plant-based air fil­ter which are as power­ful as 275 nor­mal trees but take up 99 per cent less space.

Head­er Image via Juust

19 Jan 2018 · neubau eyewear