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Tasteful in every way: a talk with the minds behind organic drink pona

What we put into our bodies is at least as important as what we put onto our bodies. The last years have seen superfoods, veganism, and a healthy and balanced diet rapidly gain popularity – and not without reason.

A happy mind and body lit­er­ally make for a happy life, as food dir­ectly affects how we feel and how our body oper­ates. A brand that has more than under­stood this approach is Pona, dis­trib­ut­ing healthy and organ­ic drinks made in Aus­tria. Named after Pomona, the God­dess of Fruit her­self, and avid sup­port­ers of the Kinder­hil­f­swerk in Aus­tria Pona’s philo­sophy couldn’t be more fit­ting – for a thought­ful life­style as well as the neubau eye­wear uni­verse. So, without fur­ther ado, why not let Anna, one of the founders of Pona, her­self talk us through Pona’s impress­ive work – and get a glimpse of how the drink is sourced and made.

Why does the world need Pona? How did you come up with the idea?
The world needs Pona because we want to show and offer what real and genu­ine taste is without aromas, added sug­ar, addit­ives etc. Pona offers genu­ine taste from pure and ripe fruits without any addit­ives or added sugar.

We have been to San Fran­cisco on a fact-find­ing mis­sion and dis­covered a sim­il­ar product in an organ­ic deli. Since the pro­du­cers of this drink had no interest in export­ing to Aus­tria, we decided to pro­duce the product our­self – and there­fore even better.

What makes Aus­tria the per­fect place to pro­duce Pona?
Well, we live here. Apart from that, we are quite lucky and the qual­ity of water espe­cially the one we use for Pona, which is a moun­tain spring water from Carinthia where Pona is bottled, is very high. Addi­tion­ally, we are close to Italy from where we get our fresh juices in the highest and best qual­ity. Our pro­du­cer is a small fam­ily busi­ness spe­cial­ized in bot­tling fruit juices. All in all, everything came togeth­er quite well, so for us there is no reas­on not to pro­duce here.

What fas­cin­ates you about your work?
I like the fact, that it is so divers. On the one hand you deal with fresh products, farm­ers and enjoy a very much down to earth envir­on­ment in which nature itself is the biggest factor and can­not be con­trolled. On the oth­er hand, you deal with dis­trib­ut­ors, small café own­ers and super­mar­kets, pro­duc­tion scales, pri­cing and mar­ket­ing. So, you are facing a lot of dif­fer­ent needs and demands that have to go togeth­er some­how. But what fas­cin­ates me repeatedly is how good Pona tastes – although it tastes dif­fer­ent every year depend­ing on the cli­mate. It’s the same as wine, you have good years and bet­ter ones. And even though our taste buds are so cor­rup­ted by the amounts of hid­den sug­ar, salt and arti­fi­cial fla­vors, we get so much feed­back on how good Pona tastes.

What would god­dess Pomona say about your drinks?
I think she would be sin­cerely proud. Because in the end we show that if you use fruits from a region where they grow nat­ur­ally the best due to cli­mate and soil and add farm­ers who give them the time and the right treat­ment (or basic­ally no non-nat­ur­al treat­ment), you don’t need arti­fi­cial taste or added sug­ar. Noth­ing men inven­ted or pro­duced has exceeded what nature has been com­ing up with, ever. No sugared or flavored drink tastes as good as fresh juice from ripe fruits and it nev­er will.

Liv­ing sus­tain­able, healthy, and organ­ic might seem like an impossible effort to many people – what are your tips and tricks for begin­ners?
I think we must get rid of the assump­tion to do everything at once and per­fect. If just one decision of your day is done in favor of an organ­ic, sus­tain­able and healthy life­style, it has been a good decision. We don’t need to be dog­mat­ic about these things and more import­antly we shouldn’t be. Every­one should try and see how they can fit a sus­tain­able and organ­ic life­style in his/​her life without mak­ing it dif­fi­cult. It shouldn’t be dif­fi­cult. It should be easy. You are doing it for your­self. Your health, your envir­on­ment, your eth­ics, and your sat­is­fac­tion. Every small step towards an organ­ic and sus­tain­able life­style is the right direction.

What’s next?
A lot! Pona has just been the begin­ning. We are already plan­ning fur­ther products, all of them fol­low­ing one major prin­ciple: genu­ine food and drinks with real taste from real people. Work­ing with what nature gives you and try­ing not to make it worse, since most of the time it’s the best you can get. Work­ing with real people/​farm­ers who know their products and pro­duce them up to the best stand­ards hand in hand with nature rather than against it.

Blog 1803 Pona Drink Neubau Eyewear
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02 Mar 2018 · neubau eyewear