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People of neubau: marketing manager Nina Kaltenboeck

neubau eyewear isn’t your typical anonymous label but a familiar brand with dozens of different faces and real stories to tell.

Stor­ies about the love for high qual­ity, strong design, innov­a­tion as well as per­son­al exper­i­ences in Vienna’s Neubau dis­trict and latest dis­cov­er­ies in their neigh­bor­hood. Frame of Mind wants to intro­duce the people that make everything hap­pen. An inside view of what’s hap­pen­ing behind the scenes.

The third one in this series is Nina Kal­ten­boeck, mar­ket­ing man­ager and pas­sion­ate world trav­el­ler. Grow­ing up in Venezuela and Aus­tria, she not only picked up the vari­ous cul­tures, beha­vi­ors, and lan­guages, but also – first and fore­most – an end­less rep­er­toire of ener­get­ic con­ver­sa­tion top­ics. And this is def­in­itely an advant­age in her job which requires a lot of talk­ing! What else may be import­ant for her work and private life? Let’s find it out!

How do you explain your job at neubau eye­wear?
I am doing mar­ket­ing which for me means to bring people to exper­i­ence the brand neubau. Doing that, I cov­er many dif­fer­ent aspects, which is what I love so much – the great vari­ety with­in my job!! I make sure our web­site offers great con­tent, I work with pub­lic rela­tions keep­ing media informed about our brand and upcom­ing products, I organ­ize events and fairs and I also cov­er the point of sale mar­ket­ing, mean­ing visu­al mer­chand­ising of the brand. Anoth­er import­ant aspect of my work is the con­stant com­mu­nic­a­tion with the loc­al mar­ket­ing man­agers in the coun­tries where we sell neubau. It is great to work with so many dif­fer­ent people from all around the world.

What’s the first thing you do when com­ing to the office?
First I have a quick chit chat with my col­leagues – it makes it easi­er to get up in the morn­ing know­ing that com­ing to the office I can gos­sip with my team. In the mean­time I make myself a can of Jiaogu­lan tea — it is the magic­al tea for etern­al youth and power, so I keep on try­ing ;) Then I open my inbox…

What was your last good idea? And where have you been when you got it?
My last good idea was the setup for my upcom­ing 30s bday party. I had it chat­ting with friends and eat­ing bur­ger. I think that this is how most of my good ideas come from…just by spend­ing time with people I like in a relaxed atmosphere.

Who would you like to see wear­ing neubau eye­wear frames?
Self-con­fid­ent, elec­tri­fy­ing, happy and fash­ion-con­scious people; people that are aes­thet­ic driven.

blog 1803 nina kaltenboeck 2

A word that best describes your career so far:
The oppos­ite of bor­ing, nor­mal and steady…what would that be in one word?

When you were a child you’ve spent some years in Venezuela – how did this exper­i­ence shape you as a per­son and how did it influ­ence your decisions in life?
This is a tricky one – how much time do we have? ;) Some might say I have a lat­in soul and I would not deny it! I can talk a lot, laugh a lot, I can dance the whole night away… Besides that, it also made me stronger in every aspect. Liv­ing in an emer­ging coun­try and not being able to neither under­stand nor talk the lan­guage of your school­mates or the baker on the corner taught me how to handle dif­fi­cult situ­ations and that no prob­lem is too big to be solved.

A thing you still own from your child­hood?
A Schilling coin (Aus­tri­ans cur­rency before the Euro) my great grand­moth­er gave me. I always have it in my wal­let and I believe it helps keep­ing me away from fin­an­cial troubles. So far it helps even though I some­times spend too much money on beau­ti­ful things…

What do you do to relax?
I meet friends, I cook or read, and I do sports. Always depend­ing on how much of relax­a­tion I need.

What’s the most sur­pris­ing thing you’ve ever exper­i­enced in Vienna’s Neubau area?
The sur­pris­ing thing is that it nev­er gets bor­ing. Every time I go there I dis­cov­er new shops, new cof­fee houses or res­taur­ants. I just love strolling around the streets of Neubau and come across some­thing new.

Why was Vienna the per­fect city for you to spend your uni­ver­sity years?
Because it is vibrant, thrill­ing, mul­tina­tion­al and so much more! There are a mil­lion things to do there and at the same time it is not so hec­tic as oth­er big cit­ies such as Lon­don or Par­is would be. Study­ing there, for me was free­dom and feel­ing at home at the same time.

Your cur­rent frame of mind…
I am super happy about the upcom­ing year. There are so many excit­ing things com­ing up…at work and in my private life. I am eager for all of them!

16 Mar 2018 · neubau eyewear
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