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How to wear neubau eyewear this fall

Vienna inspired brand, neubau eyewear is here to show you all exactly how to style these chic frames this fall! Don’t shy away from coping a pair of clear lenses and/or sunnies in the up and coming months- they’re an essential statement piece needed to complete your winter wardrobe. From blogger Irina to creative mind Karien Anne- everyone seems to be in hurry to snap up their own pair this season. So, why not invest in timeless specs yourself?

Karien Anne

Dutch fash­ion, life­style and travel blog­ger, Kari­en Anne is stay­ing true to her min­im­al­ist­ic philo­sophy this winter- show­ing us how straight-lined coats are sup­posed to be worn with neubau eye­wear’s Andy’.


Founder of that­b­lo­gth­ing’ and beauty/​fitness enthu­si­ast- Zeki pairs a warm­ing baby pink jack­et with her simplist­ic Sarah’ shades to com­plete her look this fall.

Sella Vie

Life­style blog­ger Sella, inspired by all things boho chic, embraces the autumn months in Vienna in a cosy green jump­er and our con­tem­por­ary Dani’ frames.

Rose May Alaba

Pink lov­er and Vienna-based sing­er, Rose May Alaba looks fear­lessly sassy as poses on her Ins­tagram rep­ping our cat-eye shaped Carla’ sunglasses.

Robin James

Robin James aka @manforhimself takes a well-deserved break from teach­ing us how to make the dirti­est mar­tini- to pose in the finest merino wool and clear framed Thomas’ glasses.

Leona Valentina

After rum­ma­ging through her mom’s ward­robe, Valentina takes to the streets of Vienna in a head to toe vin­tage look; while pulling off that effort­lessly cool vibe.

Hank Ge

In love with the dap­per life­style Hank can­didly shows off to his fol­low­ers the sharpest of looks in the city of love- while match­ing it with a sleek Dani’ pair.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Hank_ge (@hank_ge) am


Irina approaches the sea­son ahead in all things fest­ive and red. As she dec­or­ates her home in bright colored lights and red apples she is quick to fol­low the aes­thet­ic her­self in a jolly red ber­et and cat-eye orange Carla’ frames.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Irina (@irinahp) am

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13 Oct 2017 · neubau eyewear
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