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Meet graphic designer and Neubau native Charlie Scheichenost

In our exclusive video collaboration Vienna-based creative Charlie Scheichenost walks us through the neighborhood that started it all.

Since its 18th cen­tury ori­gins as the loc­a­tion for Vien­nas’ silk factor­ies, the Neubau dis­trict, now home to the young­est, most lib­er­al and urb­an pop­u­la­tion in the city, has emerged thriv­ing and vibrant, brim­ming with life. Think bust­ling bars, quaint, gal­lery-lined alley­ways, and end­less talent. 

Charlie Scheichen­ost is one of many suc­cess­ful cre­at­ives whose craft has thrived with­in such a space, in which artists sup­port artists and innov­a­tion means pro­gress. Scheichen­ost, a young cre­at­ive and pro­fes­sion­al graph­ic design­er, now part of the HFA Stu­dio, has been illus­trat­ing and paint­ing since his teen­age years. And now, as an estab­lished artist he has come to reflect upon just how neces­sary it is to have spaces avail­able for young people to pub­licly explore, express and dis­cov­er their cre­at­ive abil­it­ies or interests. 

With the inten­tion to share ideas and vis­ions and bring them to life”, Charlie focuses on illus­tra­tion and let­ter­ing to present oth­er cre­at­ives’ ideas. With his HFA stu­dio, loc­ated in the 6th dis­trict and his home in the 8th, Scheichen­ost is con­stantly trav­el­ing through the 7th dis­trict that is Neubau, a space which he describes as packed with cul­ture, and cre­at­ive insti­tu­tions, where he feels like he can, be whatever he wants to be”. 

This area is adapt­able and reveals itself dif­fer­ently to every­one, but to Charlie, Neubau is some­where simply buzz­ing…, a young hub for cre­at­ives which also, on the oth­er hand, is still part of the old, charm­ing Vienna”. Offer­ing all the hip bars, res­taur­ants, and oth­er cool joints… it just feels more open-minded than the rest of Aus­tria”, you can sit inside groovy bars like the R&Bar, also home to a film pro­duc­tion com­pany or browse through a range of cool concept and craft stores, like Bike Jer­seys or G.Dieroff Nachfol­ger, often over­flow­ing with the clothes and items you nev­er knew you needed.

Watch as our loc­al guide tours us around this ever-evolving neigh­bor­hood and get inspired

21 Jul 2019 · neubau eyewear