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Through the eyes of neubau eyewear... Dive into the green lookbook

Urbanity and sustainability combined with authenticity and ingenious wit, that's how you could describe neubau eyewear.

The brand is inspired by Vien­na’s cre­at­ive quarter, a neigh­bor­hood known as Neubau. The 7th dis­trict belongs to the young heads and every­day pion­eers. You can almost sense it as you’re walk­ing the streets: They smell of fresh ideas and are buzz­ing with energy. Bars, vin­tage shops and concept stores are jost­ling for space with gal­ler­ies and little stu­di­os. Where uncon­ven­tion­al ideas are cooked up dur­ing the day­time, people also like to go for a drink in the even­ing. This is where they all get togeth­er: The artists, the makers and mav­er­icks, and this is exactly where neubau eye­wear’s roots lie. neubau eye­wear is a homage to the cre­at­ive hubs of this world, from Wil­li­ams­burg to Shoreditch.

Edmund in Electric Red Matte

neubau eye­wear sup­ports innov­at­ive pro­jects with a sharp eye for style and an under­stand­ing of the envir­on­ment. Over and above that, the brand is always striv­ing to live up to their own demands and look­ing for meth­ods and ideas bey­ond the usu­al set ways of think­ing. The aim is to treat nature with respect in a sus­tain­able way and to find joy in good design and pre­cise crafts­man­ship. At the same time con­sumer aware­ness and for­ward-think­ing pro­duc­tion remain in the fore­ground. After all, for neubau eye­wear, to think in the spir­it of our times means to act with the future in mind.

Blog 1704 2016 10 23 Neubau Lookbook 06
Frida in Silver Matte

To real­ize these goals, neubau eye­wear focuses on high qual­ity and ever more eco-friendly mater­i­als com­bined with mod­ern design. Both con­cep­tion and pro­duc­tion are based in Aus­tria, which keeps sup­ply lines short and both labor and envir­on­ment­al stand­ards high. The young, ded­ic­ated team is busily devel­op­ing new products, giv­ing free rein to their creativity.

Dani in Evergreen Matte

And while reg­u­lated qual­ity stand­ards in Aus­tria are becom­ing pro­gress­ively more excel­lent, neubau eye­wear is driv­en by an inquis­it­ive ambi­tion to find solu­tions that go well bey­ond those stand­ards. It’s not just being good, but about being bet­ter. Trans­par­ency is import­ant, so in the com­ing months you will be able to fol­low neubau eye­wear’s pro­gress in the right dir­ec­tion under neubau​-eye​wear​.com or on our social media channels.

06 Apr 2017 · neubau eyewear
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