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How to live in style with Raffael Payr alias 'The Lionheaded'

Raffael Payr, the man behind the curious and cultivated travel/lifestyle blog, ‘The Lionheaded’ has broken conventions and promotes sophistication in creativity.

Based out of Aus­tria and now expand­ing into new hori­zons of style as a res­ult of his pic­tur­esque jour­neys, he is one excit­ing char­ac­ter that we wanted to get to know better.

His effort­less style, view­point of look­ing at travel and a humor­ous man­ner of describ­ing his own exper­i­ences — and him­self — make him stand out from the hoard of blog­gers storm­ing every fash­ion week. He agrees that he is dif­fer­ent and is cer­tainly on board for all things sleek, cool and out­door-sy. Meet Raf­fael ali­as The Lionheaded.

How did you name your blog The Lion­headed’ and why?
It’s actu­ally refer­ring to my nat­ur­al curly hair which I usu­ally con­ceal to a bun. But when I open it I look like I’m wear­ing a lion’s mane!

You write about being a tad dif­fer­ent from your peers. How did you get the idea to become a blog­ger instead?
Clothes became pretty import­ant for me early on while oth­ers were more inter­ested in foot­ball and oth­er things. So I also always spent my last penny for clothes. Work­ing in the clas­sic fash­ion industry was not really ful­filling to me. I felt caged like a lion in the zoo and I knew there must be more out there. So one thing led to anoth­er and when my friends told me I should start a blog I just started!

What’s the one travel exper­i­ence that has developed and changed your view­point in terms of everything?
I think mostly it’s not just one factor chan­ging views. There are so many great coun­tries with great his­tory and dif­fer­ent cre­at­ive people and vis­ions — I think with every jour­ney you will learn a little bit more about oth­ers and yourself!

Why do you always come back to Aus­tria?
I don’t know — it just hap­pens. Aus­tria is some­how like a safe har­bor. It’s wealthy and safe — some­thing quite unique in the world. And it’s all a little bit slower, like Gust­av Mahler already recog­nized When the end of the world is near, I will move to Vienna because everything hap­pens 50 years later there.“ I kind of like this qual­ity about the city, while I’m always in fast forward.

Where can we find you when hanging around in Neubau?
Of course at the Museum­squart­i­er where you can find nice places to hang around and meet friends. But also at the cool stores like Peng! shop, Comerc store and oth­er excit­ing stores with inspir­ing fashion.

What is some­thing that we would be sur­prised to know about your cre­at­ive jour­ney?
Already 20 years ago I had a homepage“ (that’s what it was called back then) just with pic­tures from my daily life — so it was basic­ally an Ins­tagram prototype!

How can we ima­gine the col­lab­or­a­tion with your wife?
Hon­estly, it’s great! Without her I would not be where I am now. Togeth­er we are really the best team I can ima­gine. But of course we also argue a lot — espe­cially dur­ing photo shoots — just like nor­mal’ couples do.

Out of all the labels, what makes neubau eye­wear a real eye­c­atch­er?
I love that the frames are also avail­able in spe­cial col­ors like teal (which is my per­son­al favor­ite)! Life should not just be black and white.

Choose: either one clas­sic frame for the rest of your life or one new crazy frame every day?
Since my whole cre­ativ­ity is based on con­stant change I vote #crazy­forevery­day!

Your favor­ite eye­wear moment in pop­cul­ture?
Kurt Cobain’s round shaped white shades are num­ber one! Hope I will get a remake from neubau eye­wear soon.

Read everything Raf­fael has to say about neubau eye­wear here.

Pho­to­graphy by Mari­on Vicenta Payr

14 Jul 2016 · neubau eyewear