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Lily Montasser takes us to her favorite NYC spots

25-year-old blogger Lily Montasser is showing us her favorite spots in her beloved district Soho in New York City.

Born and raised in Cali­for­nia, 25-year-old blog­ger Lily Mon­tass­er moved to New York City six years ago to pur­sue an edu­ca­tion in the arts — and stayed for her pas­sion. Since then, she star­ted her own busi­ness and become a blog­ger at The Demel­er.

New York is a big part in her life and work, too: The energy, the cre­ativ­ity and the drive of the people around me really push me for­ward,” she says. Even though we are all fight­ing for our own cause and our own careers, it’s that col­lect­ive push that keeps us all going — like the OM’ chant at the end of a yoga class. Super awk­ward if you’re the only one doing it, but when you all chant it togeth­er, the res­ults are incredible.” 

— “It’s like the OM” chant at the end of a yoga class. Super awk­ward if you’re the only one doing it. But when you all chant it togeth­er, the res­ults are incredible.”

Which memory will forever be con­nec­ted to your favor­ite dis­trict Soho?

My first real” NYC apart­ment in the heart of Soho. It was a tiny, and very expens­ive, stu­dio on West Broad­way. It fit me, a bed, and an awk­wardly shaped din­ner table, and that’s about it. But I loved it! It was first time liv­ing on my own, and I have so many memor­ies there.

How do you spend a Sunday in your district?

I love Sundays in Soho. The streets are quiet and I love to just loiter around the neigh­bor­hood. Start­ing with brunch at Sant Ambroeus. Then I stop by some of my favor­ite stores for some eye candy (Saint Laurent and Acne Stu­di­os to name a few). I always pop by The Line for interi­or inspir­a­tion. Then I spend the after­noon sip­ping cof­fee on a stoop and watch­ing people. Best way to end the week!

Blog Lily Montasser Dsc 0130 S
Blog Lily Montasser Img 0229 S

Why does your job per­fectly match your city?

In New York City any­thing is pos­sible. And you can be who­ever you want to be. That’s what my job is all about. No judge­ment, just being yourself.

Where do you get inspired?

On the streets, hon­estly! Wheth­er it’s bump­ing into Bella Hadid at a cof­fee shop, or spot­ting some cool skater kids glid­ing down the side streets — the streets of Soho are filled with characters. 

Blog Lily Montasser Dsc 0523 S

The best place to people watch is…

Cipri­ani Down­town. The scene in the res­taur­ant is a social spec­tacle in itself. But I love sit­ting out­side, order­ing a spa­ghetti Bolognese, and people watch­ing on West Broadway. 

@cipriani 376 W Broad­way, New York, NY 10012

The nicest vin­tage clothes you can find at…

What Goes Around Comes Around. They’ve got everything from vin­tage Chanel to hard-to-find rock tees. I also love their jew­elry selection. 

@whatgoesaroundnyc 351 W Broad­way, New York, NY 10013

My urb­an oas­is is…

Equi­nox! I go every day. Some­times twice a day. A yoga class or a run. Relax­ing in their steam room. And cool­ing down with a chilled euca­lyptus tow­el. So worth the hefty mem­ber­ship price. 

@equinox 69 Prince St, New York, NY 10012

When you have to work on your laptop best go to…

Pub­lic Hotel. It’s where all the neigh­bor­hood creative’s con­greg­ate into one com­mun­al office. Plus, once the clock strikes 4pm, you can head upstairs to the rooftop bar and for­get about work ;)

@publichotels 215 Chrys­tie St, New York, NY 10002

The most pho­to­gen­ic place of the city is…

Greene Street, in between Spring and Broome. White gor­geous column build­ings and cobble stone streets. It’s where I first star­ted shoot­ing for the blog, and still my go-to spot two years later. 

12 Jul 2018 · neubau eyewear
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