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Face to face with Kraser, the Spanish street art legend with a crush for Italy

At the Italian launch of neubau eyewear in Milan, we had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Kraser, a Spanish artist and graphic designer now living in Italy, and one of the most unusual and interesting figures of the European phenomenon of street art.

Kraser has a very per­son­al style that mixes low­brow art, old mas­ter and sur­real­ism to cre­ate works that blend irony and dream­like concepts.

A nat­ive of Cart­agena, you now live and work in Mil­an. Why did you choose Italy and the cap­it­al city of Lom­bardy?
In my opin­ion, Italy has always been a very inter­est­ing coun­try, a great cul­ture and is home to many great artists. I had the oppor­tun­ity to come here on a few occa­sions, and it seemed very famil­i­ar. I felt the same sense in oth­er Medi­ter­ranean coun­tries, but no one has ever made me feel at home like Italy has. I star­ted going to Mil­an and got to know greatly appre­ci­ated artists that, with the pas­sage of time, turned into great friends.

Cit­ies often affect the work of an artist decis­ively. If this is true, in what way can we see this in your work?
This is also true in my case. Even if, more than the city I am influ­enced by the change of life.
When I first arrived was paint­ing Dom’s” abstract exper­i­ment­al graf­fiti; at that time I was only let­ter­ing, even if I was will­ing to make a change in my work encour­aged by the need to tell things. Even­tu­ally, my work has changed from let­ter­ing to figurative.

In many European cap­it­als quar­ters that were pre­vi­ously peri­pher­al and indus­tri­al are being trans­formed into cre­at­ive and cul­tur­al hubs of the city. This is also hap­pen­ing in Mil­an. In which quarter is this atmo­sphere more vibrant? What quar­ters inspired you?
Everything inspires me. I am obvi­ously attrac­ted to peri­pher­al area like those near the Nav­igli. In this area I can stop and see the chaos of the centre from afar. I am not so good at remem­ber­ing names of neigh­bour­hoods, I am only lim­ited to seiz­ing what crosses my path.

Street art is one of the most evid­ent expres­sions of these new cre­at­ive quar­ters. How does your work inter­act and come into con­tact with the city?
When you work in a stu­dio you are your­self and have music, the work and time at your dis­pos­al. On the con­trary, on the street you exposed to the opin­ion of the pub­lic, time is lim­ited to the light and var­ies accord­ing to cli­mat­ic con­di­tions. The cre­ation of a mur­al is a new exper­i­ence for the artist as much as for the people who par­ti­cip­ate in cre­at­ing it since they will always feel a part of that piece of wall.

Right now your per­son­al Blue Hab­it­at” is at Killer Kic­cen, where you also par­ti­cip­ated in the launch of neubau eye­wear. Do you feel that the col­lab­or­a­tion between brands and artists can be a genu­ine route for pro­mot­ing art and cre­ativ­ity?
I feel that any type of col­lab­or­a­tion is fruit­ful. Often, gen­er­at­ing new ideas and innov­at­ive con­cepts turns into some­thing unique. This happened to me with neubau and Killer Kic­cen; if it was not for this col­lab­or­a­tion, per­haps I would nev­er have pro­duced the refri­ger­at­or install­a­tion, so I am very proud.

Is there one place where you would like to live and draw, where you have not been yet?
New York, even if I do not know if I would like to live there since I feel at home here. I would prefer work­ing there for long peri­ods. I painted in many cit­ies such as Beijing, Athens, Miami, Ber­lin, and many Itali­an cit­ies and, of course, in Spain. As of today, I would like my base to be Mil­an, but who knows, only time will decide on my destination.

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Where do you get the inspir­a­tion for the sub­jects of your work? How does the study and inspir­a­tion phase take place?
Many things inspire me; I am a great observ­er of life. There are times when I am with my friends and I hear someone say, what’s going on, why don’t you say some­thing?”; In fact, I was ali­en­ated and was busy ana­lys­ing the lights and shad­ows around me. I am inspired by any­thing that crosses my path includ­ing art, archi­tec­ture and even the simple things of life. I nor­mally gen­er­ate the idea after hav­ing seen it in my head togeth­er with what I want to express. The next step is devel­op­ing it on can­vas or on a wall and adding or remov­ing ele­ments depend­ing on the inspir­a­tion at that time, which gives added value to the work. This is why I ded­ic­ate a lot of time think­ing when devel­op­ing the work.

Is there a way to train” cre­ativ­ity?
I guess so. I think it’s a mat­ter of time and effort along with a good dose of curi­os­ity and the desire to evolve. I know some cases where the artist has the fault­less abil­ity to shape a pho­to­graph on can­vas without being able to cre­ate some­thing of his own. The evol­u­tion of an artist is at the base of everything.

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01 Nov 2016 · neubau eyewear
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