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Knobbly Studio's abstract designs preach self-acceptance

Dangling from earlobes all over Instagram, the abstract jewelry of Israel-based brand Knobbly Studio is as ubiquitous as it is unique. Knobbly Studio celebrates the naked female form in its simplicity and variety, their pieces a combination of abstract nude form and a minimalist aesthetic.

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Behind the brand are founder and design­er Gittit Szwarc, and tat­too artist Laurie Franck. Togeth­er, they wanted to explore women in an abstract, min­im­al­ist­ic way. After first dis­cov­er­ing each oth­er on Ins­tagram and hand­ling the major­ity of their col­lab­or­a­tion via dir­ect mes­sages, Gittit and Laurie first pro­duced a t‑shirt with one of Laur­ie’s draw­ings before quickly pro­gress­ing to ear­rings, neck­laces, and pins.

Laurie is really good at present­ing the female body mat­ter-of-factly; some­times she draws forms that are very sexu­al, but only when she chooses to, and I think that is so import­ant for our time,” Gittit explains. Some of her draw­ings could almost be just a ran­dom line and two dots, but because our eye is so attuned to find­ing human­ity in everything, we can­’t miss it.”

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Gittit also wanted to focus on a sense of eas­i­ness: I come from the world of move­ment, so it’s really import­ant to me to make pieces that sort of blend seam­lessly with one’s life. I would nev­er make the kind of jew­elry that lim­its your move­ment or that you have to con­stantly adjust. And I try to con­sider all the angles – some­times what the piece looks like to some­body gaz­ing at you from afar is just as import­ant as what it looks like in a selfie.” Before start­ing Knobbly Stu­dio the now jew­elry design­er worked as a capoeira teach­er and thus she has no form­al train­ing in product design whatsoever.

Start­ing Knobbly Stu­dio was a very nat­ur­al pro­cess for Gittit. Her core goal being the achieve­ment of a sense of the organ­ic, lead by intu­ition and cre­ated by pas­sion, Gittit lets the naked body be, without any con­nota­tions piled on it by mass media. I think we’re grow­ing into that real­iz­a­tion and learn­ing, col­lect­ively as a soci­ety, that the body does­n’t need to be sexu­al­ized by default. A body can be just a body, a shape, a vehicle.” Or a pro­gress­ive tem­plate for jewelry.

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27 Sep 2017 · neubau eyewear
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