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Let's meet model and artist Kassandra Jensen

You might think that modelling is a full time job, especially when you're as successful as Kassandra Jensen. But remarkably, this 28-year-old who has made Berlin her home, hailing from the suburbs of Seattle, still finds time on the side to dedicate herself to her art.

One of the many inter­est­ing people that starred in our cur­rent Neubau Eye­wear Look­book, we got talk­ing to Kas­sandra about red wine and painting.

If you had to describe your­self to someone you don’t know, what would you say?
Lov­ing and cozy.

How would you describe your art?
Music­al and vibrant.

How did you start mak­ing art?
Just from a desire for a fresh change, a new out­look. It star­ted one day, I sat down at the table with my cof­fee and just said, I am going to start paint­ing.” I really had no idea or pic­ture of what that meant. It snow­balled from there.

How did you get into mod­el­ling?
I always wanted to mod­el grow­ing up. Being so tall, it was some­thing that every­one seemed to bring up. So one day my Mom and I went into an agency in Seattle and that’s when it began. It stayed pretty ran­dom and on and off until mov­ing to Ber­lin where it kind of unfol­ded into my full time pas­sion and job.

One theme/​experience that is always with you and shows in your art?
Music! Without a doubt.

What inspires you?
Film, people, travel, art, music… It’s an end­less list. You nev­er really know what will inspire you until you are hit with it. I tend to seek out inspir­a­tion in some way every day before work­ing in my stu­dio. I will sit down with some cof­fee and look over archives from my favour­ite paint­ers, film stills, designs and pho­to­graphs. Any­thing that cre­ates a fit­ting mood and gives you a base of cre­at­ive energy. A feel­ing you are inspired by.

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Is fash­ion art?
Yes, com­pletely. Fash­ion is inspired by art and is art in itself. It’s a cycle that feeds itself. It’s art on a really pure and simple level. Everything that helps you feel your­self, and express your view of the world.

What fas­cin­ates you about mod­el­ling?
Every day is com­pletely dif­fer­ent. Of course there is an over all trend that shifts and grows at the same time, but still to meet so many dif­fer­ent people with dif­fer­ent views and taste. It’s some­thing you nev­er really ever get to know completely.

What does a per­fect Sunday look like to you?
Cof­fee, time in bed in a robe and read­ing the news. A walk to some gal­ler­ies, mak­ing art, early even­ing wine with friends and a home cooked meal!

One of your per­son­al­ity traits that would sur­prise oth­er people?
I can be very introverted.

If you could chose three people dead or alive for a din­ner party who would you invite?
Helen Frankenthaler, Bill Mur­ray and Nick Cave.

If you could live any­where — where would you chose to be?
Los Angeles.

Three things that are always in your bag?
Lip balm, phone char­ger and a small bottle of coconut per­fume oil.

What do you do to relax?
Paint and drink red wine.

All images by Bruna Kazinoti

15 Sep 2017 · neubau eyewear
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