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Jugo Ürdens is the Austrian rapper you need to know

Jugo Ürdens, a rapper from Vienna, first burst on the scene of Austria with a homage to Coca Cola, the track "Black Gold", part of his 2016 debut EP "Ajde".

After that Jugo made it pretty clear that exactly this iron­ic approach is his credo: His name ref­er­ences Aus­tri­an sing­er Udo Jür­gens, his style is very much a mix­ing of post-hip­ster visu­als and 90s rap bal­lads – mir­ror­ing his equally play­ful style.

Tak­ing an interest in Slavic music for its heartache and heav­i­ness, he rejects the pop rock we hear too much of. Rather, his tunes are filled with influ­ences from the sad boy move­ment com­bined with old school Hip Hop that he listened to while grow­ing up in Mace­do­nia. Mov­ing to Vienna at the age of sev­en, he didn’t know any Ger­man – but now rapps flu­ently in his second lan­guage, a vibe that is not only evid­ent in the sound of the track but also the accom­pa­ny­ing videos filled with FIFA, girls in pants, and child­hood snacks from the 90s.

Jugo Ürdens wearing neubau eyewear frame Erwin

Pho­to­graphy by Anna Carina Roth

12 Jan 2018 · neubau eyewear