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Introducing Walter & Wassily—Our Homage to the Bauhaus Era

Learn more about the iconic art and design movement that inspired this special edition collection.

Art. Design. Fur­niture. Archi­tec­ture. Geo­metry. Reduc­tion. Through­out the halls of neubau eye­wear, you’ll find plenty of Bauhaus fans with a per­son­al affin­ity towards the icon­ic design school’s for­ward-think­ing graph­ic lan­guage and principles. 

And as the centen­ni­al anniversary approached, we col­lect­ively decided to cel­eb­rate the her­it­age and hon­or the world’s most influ­en­tial art and design insti­tu­tion with Wal­ter & Wassily, a spe­cial edi­tion uni­sex sunglasses collection.

Roland Keplinger, our Head of Design and Daniel Likt­or, our Glob­al Brand Dir­ect­or shed some light on the inspir­a­tion and cre­at­ive pro­cess behind our new­est 3D-prin­ted launch.

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In Wal­ter & Wassily, we hon­or two out­stand­ing per­son­al­it­ies of the illus­tri­ous Bauhaus move­ment: found­ing fath­er Wal­ter Gropi­us, and paint­er-pro­fess­or Wassily Kand­in­sky,” says Likt­or, pic­tured below right wear­ing Walter&Wassily at the Mido Eye­wear Show this Feb­ru­ary.
Talk­ing about his per­son­al con­nec­tion to the design lan­guage that inspired these spe­cial pieces he adds, I adore the Bauhaus look! As a chair col­lect­or I have some really nice pieces at home, like my Wassily Chair by Knoll, some S 32 din­ing chairs designed by Mar­cel Breuer and pro­duced by Thon­et and oth­er Bauhaus influ­enced beau­ties, like the Eier­mann Chair pro­duced by Wilde & Spi­eth. I really like the sim­pli­city of the design lan­guage, not just in fur­niture design, also in architecture.” 

Sim­il­arly, Mart Stam’s can­ti­lever chair played a key part in the design of Wal­ter & Wassily for Keplinger, pic­tured wear­ing his designs below left. The clean, sup­port­ing bended pipe struc­ture was my start­ing point,” he explains. 

Craf­ted with a bold titani­um base, our 3D-prin­ted Wal­ter & Wassily frames are designed with the simplist­ic com­plex­ity of Bauhaus’ typ­ic­al visu­al lan­guage in mind: graph­ic­ally com­bined geo­met­ric shapes coupled with con­trast­ing col­ors, like black and white + sil­ver and brass. 

For the lenses, we tried all kinds of shapes, but circle looked best,” said Keplinger (pic­tured above). The ribs on the front and the slits on the side of the three-dimen­sion­al eye rings rep­res­ent the geo­met­ric inter­sect­ing ref­er­ences that were influ­enced by Kandinsky’s paint­ings and Bauhaus posters.”

It wasn’t a quick and easy pro­cess, though, says Keplinger. We wanted to pro­duce extraordin­ary frames with an excel­lent back story. There­fore, the design devel­op­ment took roughly four months, with all of the vari­ous iter­a­tions and prototypes.”

A total of 10 pro­to­types were pro­duced before our stake­hold­ers — brand man­age­ment, product man­age­ment, and the design depart­ment — signed off on Wal­ter & Wassily. The tech­nic­al engin­eer­ing and adap­tions were par­tic­u­larly tricky,” adds Keplinger. We had to con­tinu­ously fine-tune for shape, size, ergo­nom­ics, and all of those types of details, like nail­ing the per­fect curvature of the met­al frame, and col­or combinations.”

The end res­ult? Three ultra-cool col­or­ways that embody the inspir­a­tion­al mood of Bauhaus in every way: clean lines, round corners, and extra­vag­ant yet min­im­al­ist­ic eleg­ance. It’s clear for me from the start that we should pro­duce frames that are dir­ectly inspired by the icon­ic Bauhaus chairs,” says Keplinger. The Wal­ter & Wassily frames are a very strong graph­ic­al, mod­ern, wear­able inter­pret­a­tion that tell this clas­sic story.”

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15 Apr 2019 · neubau eyewear
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