In con­ver­sa­tion with artist Natacha Paschal

Natacha Paschal is a painter based in Paris who takes inspiration from fashion magazines and advertising. We asked how she is coping with the current situation and what she is doing while social distancing.

In extraordin­ary times like these, we have made it our mis­sion to bring dis­trac­tion to every­one’s home. Because right now you should find the bal­ance, not only sur­round your­self with neg­at­iv­ity, and per­haps dis­cov­er new hob­bies for your­self. Above all, it was import­ant for us to cre­ate the pos­sib­il­ity to give the neubau com­munity a plat­form to come togeth­er when every­day life seems too stress­ful. In a small art series, 3 enchant­ing and upris­ing artists have taken the time to incor­por­ate our new Côte du Soleil Col­lec­tion into their work and cre­ated extraordin­ary pieces of art.

One of them is Natacha Paschal. Natacha Paschal is a paint­er based in Par­is who takes inspir­a­tion from fash­ion magazines and advert­ising. Her Fake Vogue’ illus­tra­tions hint at the dark side of the fash­ion industry. The women she por­trays, don’t live up to tra­di­tion­al beauty stand­ards but are wild and free. Her art shows the real beauty in people, without por­tray­ing the typ­ic­al women in the fash­ion industry​.In her art, Natacha loves to use bright col­ors, espe­cially red tones and one of the char­ac­ter­ist­ics that you will find in almost all her art­works are juicy lips on the women she is pic­tur­ing. In a little Inter­view, we asked Natacha a few intim­ate ques­tions that we don’t want to with­hold from you.

Since it is a spe­cial time at the moment. What are your tips to get dis­trac­ted dur­ing this spe­cial” time? What do you do while social distancing?

There is a very heavy feel­ing of Isol­a­tion over here in Par­is but dur­ing those spe­cial times I have been doing a lot of Kunda­lini Yoga and med­it­a­tion and enjoyed the close­ness with myself, try­ing to go deep­er in me and found out there is so much to dis­cov­er in ourselves when you can­’t dis­cov­er the out­side world! I’ve also been work­ing a lot, this part did­n’t change for me as I am used to work­ing from home.

What is your biggest inspir­a­tion? What was your biggest inspir­a­tion when you started? 

My biggest inspir­a­tions are women and the rep­res­ent­a­tion of women in media and soci­ety. I’ve always been attrac­ted by main­stream cul­ture icon­o­graphy and the impact it has on people. More glob­ally my work is about mind con­trol and at what point we are being told what to do, even when we think it’s not the case because of the soci­ety thought-forms who are not even ours and their imprint in our subconscious.

Which com­ments do you hear the most, when you tell people that you are an artist?

People love artists! They are always so nice and excited about it! It’s a nice ice break­er and a good way to start a con­ver­sa­tion, they want to know more about it, see pic­tures of the pieces I do and want to know what inspires me. And most of the time they tell me that they have no artist­ic or cre­at­ive tal­ent, where­as I think it’s the oppos­ite and we are all artists, cre­ativ­ity is part of being human, you just have to get in touch with it and find out your spe­cial thing!

What is art for you?

Vast ques­tion. For me art is about hon­esty, everything can be art from the moment it comes sin­cerely from you, no mat­ter how it looks, the beauty or ugli­ness, the shape, or the medi­um. I love l’art naïf” and chil­dren draw­ing because of that, doing without won­der­ing, but for the neces­sity of it.

Do you have tips to integ­rate sus­tain­able pieces into your work?

In my work, I’m all about big brand­ing, logo and con­sumer soci­ety, the fash­ion industry is one of the worst things for the plan­et pol­lu­tion and I like to insist on the ridicu­lous and sad­ness of hav­ing to wear some things to feel val­id”, where­as in my per­son­al life I’m being very con­scious and care­ful of what I buy, eat and con­sume. It’s been more than 2 years that I stopped buy­ing fast fash­ion and prefer to invest in some caring design­er brand even if it means I have to buy less.

If you had to choose 3 col­ors to paint with for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Pink, green, black.

Would you rather have din­ner with Bob Ross or Pablo Picasso?

Pablo Picas­so! The guy is doing just one line and it’s beau­ti­ful, I will nev­er get tired of his work and the Pablo Picas­so museum in Par­is is one of my favorite.

hat are your tips for an art new­bie to get star­ted and how would you recom­mend pro­mot­ing your art? Which chan­nels are you using?

My tips would be to go after your vis­ion, doing what you like, and gives you energy and not los­ing time try­ing to do what people expect or want to see. It’s so import­ant to have fun and I think you can see it on the res­ult. Also breathe and just go, let your hands to their things! To pro­mote I love Ins­tagram and it is the only Chan­nel I use at the moment, it’s a great way to share your art and dis­cov­er oth­ers one!

Find Natacha on Ins­tagram: @natachapaschal

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