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How to wear / style your mask with the perfect eyewear

As well as keeping safe, you want to feel comfortable and look good too! That's why we've got the perfect tips on how to wear / style your mask with the perfect eyewear here.

This year has def­in­itely been a chal­len­ging one for us all, what with the ongo­ing world­wide pan­dem­ic that’s tak­ing place. We’re being told that it’s recom­men­ded by the Cen­ters for Dis­ease Con­trol and Pre­ven­tion (CDC) for us to wear non-med­ic­al face masks when we leave the house.
While that may not be prob­lem­at­ic for some, it can be dif­fi­cult to ensure that our masks don’t inter­fere with our eye­wear. From the way that they sit over our ears to the way they sit on our nose, glasses and face masks aren’t the ideal com­bin­a­tion.
We’ve put togeth­er some advice on how to wear / style your mask with the per­fect eye­wear, so that you can abide by the recom­mend­a­tions while feel­ing com­fort­able and look­ing styl­ish.
Jump through the sub­head­ings here:

  • Glasses provide added protection. 
  • Hav­ing the per­fect bal­ance is key when choos­ing a mask.
  • Be mind­ful of your ears.
  • Bat­tling the fog.
  • Do your bit for charity. 
  • Safe can be fashionable. 

Glasses provide added protection

While you may dis­like wear­ing your glasses, you might recon­sider after you find out that they’re actu­ally an addi­tion­al safety fea­ture for you to wear to pro­tect your­self from Cov­id-19 and oth­er vir­uses. We’re being told to wear masks that cov­er our mouth and noses. This is because the mask will provide a bar­ri­er in stop­ping germs from enter­ing them if an infec­ted per­son sneezes or coughs around us, fur­ther more to safe oth­ers around us as we may be car­ri­ers of a vir­us without recog­nising it.
What has that got to do with glasses? Well, did you know that coronavir­us can also be spread through the eyes? Wear­ing glasses in addi­tion to a mask provides you with even great­er pro­tec­tion.
How about that as a per­fect reas­on to love your glasses all over again?

Having the perfect balance is key when choosing a mask

When you pick out your out­fit in the morn­ing, you make sure that it matches — right? If your office par­ti­cip­ates in a funky Fri­day fash­ion day at work, you might choose one of your bright and col­or­ful ties to wear. How­ever, you’ll pick a shirt that’s pretty simple, so that the pat­terns and col­ors don’t clash. If you’re off to a party and want to wear your favor­ite leo­pard print blouse, then you’ll prob­ably choose a plain colored pair of pants to go with it instead of clash­ing with some­thing zebra prin­ted.
The idea is that bal­ance is key when we get dressed and put out­fits togeth­er, and the same prin­ciple applies to when we choose a face mask. We are — in a way — dress­ing our face after all. 

When you decided on your latest pair of glasses after vis­it­ing the opti­cian, you made sure that the pair you chose suited your face. Choos­ing a face mask to match your glasses is import­ant for ensur­ing you still main­tain your fash­ion­able sense of style while remain­ing safe.

If your glasses are bold, chunky and make a state­ment, you should opt for a mask that is more simple in style. If your glasses are thin, petite and simple, dare to go bold when choos­ing a face mask and find one that’s col­or­ful and dif­fer­ent to your usu­al style.
You may have dif­fer­ent glasses for dif­fer­ent occa­sions, which means you can buy a few face masks that’ll match with each pair. 

Be mindful of your ears

Wear­ing glasses and a mask can be very tricky. Most mask attach­ments are made out of elast­ic, which can be uncom­fort­able when worn for long peri­ods of time as the mater­i­al can rub on your ears. 

Wear­ing glasses as well may cause either of them to sit funny on your face, and the arms on the glasses could get tangled with the mask attach­ments and cause prob­lems. The last thing you want is to be bat­tling with the fit­ting of your mask and glasses out in pub­lic, espe­cially as we should be try­ing not to touch our faces.
Since the pan­dem­ic, people have been com­ing up with lots of ideas on how to attach face masks to make them fit more com­fort­ably. A great idea is a mask head­band attach­ment.
This is a piece of mater­i­al around 2 to 3 inches long, which has two but­tons sewn on to either side that the mask fits onto so that it does­n’t have to sit around your ears. This idea is great for men and women, and can be designed in any col­or. The piece of mater­i­al sits at the back of your head, out of the way. 

You can buy them, but you can also make them eas­ily too. If you have lots of extra time on your hands due to self-isol­at­ing, you could always try mak­ing your own.
For those who have long hair and reg­u­larly wear head­bands to push your hair back and out of your face, sim­il­ar ideas can be made using these too by attach­ing but­tons onto the sides of the headband.


Battling the Fog

So you’ve picked a great mask that matches your eye­wear, you’ve found a way of secur­ing it onto your head without irrit­at­ing your ears and just when you think you’re ready to go, you’re now faced with foggy glasses. 

The face mask isn’t allow­ing hot air from your mouth to escape as you breathe, push­ing it upwards and res­ult­ing in foggy glasses. Great! This may be a new prob­lem for you, but luck­ily this has been an ongo­ing issue for doc­tors and nurses who wear glasses for many years. The research has been done, so the solu­tion to bat­tling the fog is already on hand for you.

A study was done among eye­glasses wear­ers back in 2011 at the Roy­al Col­lege of Sur­geons in Eng­land. Thank­fully, their find­ings were pretty simple. They found that by wash­ing your glasses with soapy water imme­di­ately before wear­ing your face mask, it was the per­fect solu­tion to stop­ping them from fog­ging up. After rins­ing them, you must allow the glasses to air­dry alone for a couple of minutes before wear­ing them.
Oth­er tried and tested ideas that can help deal with elim­in­at­ing the prob­lem of foggy glasses include the following:

Fold the top of your mask inwards

By doing this, you’re stop­ping the hot air from rising upwards and caus­ing your glasses to fog. Instead, your hot breath is trapped inside the mask.

Fold a paper handkerchief inside the mask

This absorbs the water particles from your breath, stop­ping them from rising and escap­ing upwards towards your glasses, caus­ing them to fog.

Choose a mask with a nose fitting

Masks with nose fit­tings attach to your nose not only giv­ing you a more secure fit but also stop­ping water droplets from escap­ing upwards and fog­ging your glasses. These can be eas­ily made at home, if you fancy giv­ing it a go.

Anti-fog spray

If you’re still strug­gling with foggy glasses and the oth­er tech­niques aren’t work­ing for you, con­sider buy­ing some anti-fog spray. Spray it onto your glasses each time before you wear your mask to stop them from fog­ging up.

Do your bit for charity

We’re all aware of the Per­son­al Pro­tect­ive Equip­ment (PPE) crisis that the cur­rent pan­dem­ic has brought on. Doc­tors, nurses and all care work­ers across the globe are strug­gling with the little PPE that they have, with some gov­ern­ments even advising them to reuse what they have due to short­ages on sup­plies.
Many people are try­ing to help, with com­pan­ies put­ting a stop to their cur­rent man­u­fac­tur­ing so that they can pro­duce PPE for health­care work­ers. That’s where you come in, as you can also help. Lots of com­pan­ies who are man­u­fac­tur­ing face masks are donat­ing profits of donat­ing equip­ment to help with the cur­rent short­ages. You can help by buy­ing your mask from such sup­pli­ers, instead of those who are try­ing to cash in on the pan­dem­ic.

Odeeh is quint­es­sen­tially Ber­lin; avant-garde, cre­at­ive and one of a kind. Hav­ing worked for big names in the fash­ion industry for most of their lives, Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehr­lich foun­ded their brand after noti­cing the neg­at­ive impacts of the fash­ion industry at large. 10% of your face mask pur­chase go to charity.

Hed­ley & Ben­nett are a small Amer­ic­an busi­ness who are run­ning a buy one, give one” scheme which means that for every mask that is bought, one is donated to front line work­ers such as nurses, gro­cery store employ­ees and first responders. 

Alice + Olivia is run­ning a sim­il­ar scheme. For every face mask that is bought from them, one is being donated to com­munit­ies that are in need.

It’s not just face mask man­u­fac­tur­ing com­pan­ies that are help­ing out dur­ing the cur­rent pan­dem­ic. Oth­er com­pan­ies are help­ing out and donat­ing in lots of dif­fer­ent ways too. Shoe com­pany All­birds are donat­ing com­fort­able foot­wear to health­care work­ers through their Bet­ter Togeth­er” scheme when you buy a pair from them. They’ve cur­rently donated over half a mil­lion dol­lars worth of stock. 

So regard­less of what online shop­ping you may do while stuck indoors, con­sider buy­ing from com­pan­ies that are help­ing oth­ers so that you can con­trib­ute towards help­ing them.


Looking for further inspiration?

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to! Check out the fol­low­ing online shops that each have a great range of face masks avail­able for you to choose from, while also doing their bit for char­ity too:

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