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Fil Bo Riva discusses his new album, 'Beautiful Sadness', sustainability and sincerity as a young musician in the industry.

Des­pite the up-beat acous­tic energy of his gui­tar play­ing, Fil Bo Riva’s lyr­ics tell a some­what mel­an­chol­ic story, mak­ing him an artist whose sound can­not be con­fined to one par­tic­u­lar genre or speed. This is an artist who defies expect­a­tions. At oth­er times, his rasp­ing, emo­tion­ally heavy cries that dwell on lost loves and bud­ding fas­cin­a­tions are sheltered by the lulling strums of his gui­tar, which serve to carve out a raw and emo­tion­ally exposed sound. It seems that Beau­ti­ful Sad­ness’ is not only a chance for the young artist to music­ally exper­i­ment but also to truly express him­self, this is an album that may as well be an open book, a diary so to speak, offer­ing fans a chance to divulge into a mind that is per­haps, sim­il­arly to their own, tor­men­ted by the pres­sures and pos­sib­il­it­ies of young love. We sat down to dis­cuss this with the bud­ding star and get his per­spect­ives on music-industry pres­sures and his respons­ib­il­it­ies since he has become part of it.

Your latest album is called Beau­ti­ful Sad­ness’ – what was your cre­at­ive pro­cess and what brought you to its title?

The cre­at­ive pro­cess behind the album star­ted around 2017. I’d been writ­ing songs my whole life but at that time I had star­ted con­cen­trat­ing more on the writ­ing; on the little details. It was a time of find­ing myself and there­fore uncov­er­ing the right music­al style. The concept around it developed after a while…I noticed that most of my lyr­ics and melod­ies were quite mel­an­choly so I star­ted to look for an album title that placed this kind of mood under one roof. I had loads of dif­fer­ent titles which I was­n’t 100% happy with so I star­ted going through the lyr­ics of the tracks I had already fin­ished. I came across the phrase beau­ti­ful sad­ness, simple words” in the song L’over and that imme­di­ately got me. Finally everything made sense and the album came to a close!

What do you want people to think or feel when they listen to your music?

I want the people to dive into my music. I want them to sit down and just soak up everything. I want them to find and dis­cov­er new emo­tions with and through my songs.


Where do you see your­self in ten years time?

I think that’s hard to say because in my case I see a lot of dif­fer­ent things hap­pen­ing in the future. But an ideal scen­ario would be to con­tin­ue my music­al career, record music for myself and oth­er artists, have a fam­ily and then be able to travel to many beau­ti­ful places.

You’re now enter­ing into one of the biggest indus­tries (music & enter­tain­ment) influ­en­cing our envir­on­ment – how do you bal­ance a com­mit­ment to tour­ing and per­form­ing live with the per­haps more uni­ver­sal duty to live in a way that’s envir­on­ment­ally sustainable?

That’s some­thing I think about a lot. It might seem hard to do some­thing for the envir­on­ment as a single per­son, but I believe that small and con­stant changes are what really make a change in the long term. Edu­ca­tion through friends and strangers, spread­ing the word and try­ing to bring aware­ness to every­body’s own little world.

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