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District Guide: Neukölln, Berlin

seen by Jeisson Martin, photographer

The young pho­to­graph­er Jeis­son Mar­tin has chosen a unique neigh­bor­hood in Ber­lin to be his new home: Neuk­ölln. It’s an area full of sur­prises where tour­ists, inter­na­tion­al stu­dents, and new­comers mingle with ori­gin­al Ber­liners. The area’s best-known streets Sonnen­allee and Karl-Marx­Straße in par­tic­u­lar rep­res­ent Neukölln’s vibe, with all the tasty smells waft­ing from falafel shops, Arab­ic super­mar­kets and loc­al shisha cafés. This neigh­bor­hood is the per­fect place for an upcom­ing cre­at­ive like Jeis­son to find lim­it­less inspir­a­tion. And maybe that’s the reas­on why he always comes back to Ber­lin, after vari­ous trips to Thai­l­and, Toronto and Par­is. Neuk­ölln might not always be pretty, but it nev­er fails to deliv­er an inter­est­ing story, and an ideal back­drop for street shots to boot.

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Why does your job per­fectly match your city? Neuk­ölln is a very vibrant, mul­ti­cul­tur­al part of Ber­lin. You inter­act with the real” people here, so if you are look­ing to hear about crazy stor­ies, be open and some Ber­liners might tell you some beau­ti­ful, shock­ing, or just crazy les­sons they’ve learned from life. As a cre­at­ive this gives me a lot of energy that I can put back into my work.

How do you spend a Sat­urday in your dis­trict? I like to spend my Sat­urdays at Körner­park. To me, it’s the most beau­ti­ful park in Neuk­ölln – maybe even Ber­lin. The Körner­park is right in my Kiez (Ber­lin slang for neigh­bor­hood) and you wouldn’t expect it to be here at all, it’s just way too pretty. The second place would be the old part of Neuk­ölln called Böh­misch-Rix­dorf. Situ­ated between Sonnen­allee and Karl-Marx-Straße, you’ll be sur­prised to find a cozy little vil­lage here. One of the nicest Christ­mas mar­kets in town is in the heart of the Böh­misch-Rix­dorf area, at Richard­platz, every year. Even if it’s always super crowded, it’s def­in­itely worth it. 

1. Körner­park | Schi­erker Str. 8, 12051 Berlin

2. Christ­mas Mar­ket | Richard­platz Richard­platz 1, 12055 Berlin

Districtguide 0219 Neukölln 1

When you want to impress your date, take them to the lovely pizza (and ice-cream) place right next to Körner­park. Nini e Pet­tirosso really has one of the best Pizza in Ber­lin and some great wine!

3. Nini e Pet­tirosso | Selkestraße 27, 12051 Berlin

Be aware of pick­pock­ets. And of course the loc­al mar­ket Die Dicke Linda” at Kran­old­platz which takes place every Sat­urday. If you like fant­ast­ic cheese, wine, loc­al slow­food or even Japan­ese snacks, you should def­in­itely go there!

4. Loc­al mar­ket: Die Dicke Linda“ | Kran­old­platz, 12051 Ber­lin, @diedickelinda

When you have to work on your laptop, it‘s best to go to Roast­ers. They have the tasti­est cof­fee there, and you only pay 1,80 € for a cappuccino.

5. Roast­ers | Her­mannstraße 176, 12051 Berlin

Districtguide 0219 Neukölln 7

When the sun sets, go to the rooftop bar Klunkerkranich. Not so much of an inside tipp any­more, but still a great place to watch the sun set over the city of Berlin!

6. Klunkerkranich | Karl-Marx-Straße 66, 12043 Ber­lin, @klunkerkranich

You‘ll meet the long-estab­lished loc­als at one of the numer­ous pubs you can find in Neuk­ölln. In all of the ones I’ve been to, the loc­als were very open-minded and friendly. In Ger­many we call them Spe­lunken” — you can recog­nize them from the big sign advert­ising the beer brand Schul­the­iss“ on the outside!

The best place to people watch must be Her­man­nplatz for sure. Sit out­side a Späti” (short form for Spätkauf, a typ­ic­al Ber­lin corner shop) on a Fri­day or Sat­urday even­ing and just absorb what is hap­pen­ing here. There will be a lot going on…

7. Her­man­nplatz | Her­man­nplatz, 10967 Berlin

Where do you find inspir­a­tion? For my freel­ance work, I really love to com­mu­nic­ate with the people from my neigh­bor­hood. But as I now have a full-time job in the cre­at­ive field, I do get my inspir­a­tion from what is hap­pen­ing in the world, espe­cially in museums and gal­ler­ies. If I want to see some fine selec­ted art in my dis­trict, I go to the old Kindl Brew­ery – a col­lect­or couple exhib­its a wide range of inter­est­ing artists in this unique building.

Districtguide 0219 Neukölln 6

8. Kindl-Cen­ter for con­tem­por­ary art | Am Sud­haus 3, 12053 Ber­lin, @kindlberlin

Districtguide 0219 Neukölln 3

You can find the nicest vin­tage clothes in one of the count­less Vin­tage stores in Neuk­ölln. If you are look­ing for some spe­cial gems you should check out Iron­ic Gal­lery!

9. Iron­ic Gal­lery | Flughafenstr.24, 12053 Ber­lin, @ironicgallery_

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