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Districtguide 0219 Antwerp 5

District Guide: Antwerp South, Antwerp

seen by Paulien Riemis, content creator

Even though Paul­i­en wasn’t born in Ant­werp, she couldn’t ima­gine liv­ing in anoth­er city, hav­ing moved to the Bel­gian town sev­en years ago. The small cobble­stone streets, the grand his­tor­ic build­ings and the cozy, buzz­ing ter­races at night not only saw her fall­ing in love, but also buy­ing a house where she now resides with her boy­friend and her Per­sian cat. It’s an oas­is of peace in her hec­tic life as an all-round cre­at­ive mind: when she decided to cre­ate Polienne​.com, her blog, she could only have ima­gined all the beau­ti­ful adven­tures that lay in store for her. Today Paul­i­en is a digit­al con­tent cre­at­or focus­ing on style, travel and interi­or inspir­a­tion who gives off­line work­shops and, from time to time, even designs fash­ion pieces and jewelry.

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The Neubau dis­trict in my town is Ant­werp South because of the eclect­ic mix of shop­ping, din­ing and exper­i­en­cing radi­ates fun, cre­ativ­ity and liveliness.”

How do you spend a Sat­urday in your neigh­bor­hood? I always sleep in — no, I am not a morn­ing per­son — cuddle with our cat and some­times treat myself to brunch at Tin­sel. Around noon, I usu­ally go to the mar­ket at Theat­er­plein with my boy­friend and our friends, where we always hang out at the little stand that sells homemade shrimp cro­quettes and rosé wine. A recom­mend­a­tion for sunny Sat­urdays! In the after­noon I like to shop or stroll through the antique stores at Kloost­er­straat. As my boy­friend is a great cook, I have my own mini res­taur­ant at home, but we do like to go for drinks at Vit­rin or Barbossa afterwards.

2. Tin­sel | Vlaam­sekaai 40, 2000 Ant­werp 2 Theather­plein Nieuwstad, 2000 Ant­werp, @tinsel_antwerp

3. Kloost­er­straat | Kloost­er­straat, 2000 Antwerp

4. Vit­rin | Marnix­p­laats 14, 2000 Antwerp

5. Caffè Barbossa | Sint-Jorispoort 2, 2000 Ant­werp, @caffe_barbossa

Districtguide 0219 Antwerp 5

If you are look­ing for a serene spot to take a step back from the busy city life, go to Buch­bar: these guys sell cof­fee and books. Sit down, relax and have a deli­cious Bel­gian-made cappuccino.

6. Buch­bar | Scheld­estraat 79, 2000 Ant­werp, @buchbar

Districtguide 0219 Antwerp 6

Innov­at­ive, organ­ic and healthy, that’s what Native’s veget­able-based meals are all about. If you don’t have time for a full lunch or din­ner, at least try their deli­cious homemade lem­on­ade or cock­tails! Oh, and make sure to do a quick talk with the own­er, as his pas­sion is ser­i­ously contagious. 

7. Nat­ive | Munt­straat 8, 2000 Ant­werp, @nativeantwerpen

Why does your job per­fectly match your city? My job exists of so many dif­fer­ent aspects and so does the city! A huge advant­age is that when I some­times work dur­ing the week­ends, I can still enjoy my days off on Monday and Tues­day by loun­ging in one of the many cof­fee bars Ant­werp has to offer. You can turn every­day into a week­end in this city.

8. My urb­an oas­is is the (small but pretty) Botan­ic­al garden. Leo­pold­straat 24, 2000 Antwerp

9. The best place to people watch is Hotel Pil­ar. Leo­pold de Wael­p­laats 34, 2000 Ant­werp, @hotelpilar

10. The most pho­to­gen­ic place of the city is Volk­straat a cobble stone street with lots of cute shops. Volk­straat, 2000 Antwerp

Where do you get inspired? I get inspired when I people watch or go shop­ping at unusu­al stores with my friends. They always see things dif­fer­ently than me which can be a great eye-open­er or an unex­pec­ted inspir­a­tion boost. 

The urb­an all-round fash­ion, deco and food concept store Juttu has a clear mis­sion: get loc­al ini­ti­at­ives out there into the big wide world. Which is prob­ably the reas­on why they’re loc­ated on Antwerp’s biggest shop­ping street. 

11. Juttu | Meir 19, 2000 Ant­wer, @juttu_official

Districtguide 0219 Antwerp 4

I like many of the interi­or shops in Ant­werp, but Rewinds hon­est story and care­ful selec­tion makes it just that little bit more spe­cial. It’s my favor­ite place for beau­ti­ful table set­ting and unique gifts for friends.

12. Rewind | Riem­straat 27, 2000 Ant­werp,

Districtguide 0219 Antwerp 3

They describe them­selves as eco-min­im­al­ists and that’s exactly what the Stanley/​Stella store radi­ates. Exper­i­ence a whole new way of shop­ping by choos­ing your favor­ite piece, grabbing a drink and lit­er­ally watch it being printed.

13. Stanley/​Stella | Graan­markt 2a, 2000 Ant­werp, @wearestanleystella

Epis­ode is my num­ber one shop for on-point vin­tage cloth­ing and accessor­ies that are still afford­able! Even my boy­friend always man­ages to find the per­fect den­im jack­et or second-hand sneak­ers here.

14. Epis­ode | Kam­men­straat 14, 2000 Ant­werp, @episodevintage

Do you have one funny memory in par­tic­u­lar that will forever be asso­ci­ated with Ant­werp South? My best friend and I used to always work out togeth­er at the same gym and would after­wards choose a dif­fer­ent sunny ter­race in the South of Ant­werp to drink red wine and ruin all the work we’d done… amaz­ing times!

15. When you want to hear the best live tunes go to Jazz Café Hop­per. Leo­pold de Wael­straat 2, 2000 Antwerp

16. When the sun sets, it’s best to be besides Scheldt river.

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