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Blogger Carola Pojer from VIENNA WEDEKIND about her favorite neighborhood, the perfect pair of glasses and fashion

Simplicity, quality, Vienna. These three words will definitely be mentioned when talking about Carola Pojer.

She foun­ded her blog VIENNA WEDE­KIND in 2011; what star­ted as a hobby quickly turned out to be an inter­na­tion­ally suc­cess­ful one-woman busi­ness, crowned with the title as Best Fash­ion Blog’ by the Aus­tri­an Blog Awards in 2013. The ambi­tious woman accom­plishes to stay excit­ing and new without loos­ing her sig­na­ture style, char­ac­ter­ized by min­im­al­ist­ic but fem­in­ine looks and stun­ningly beau­ti­ful pho­to­graphy. The lat­ter isn’t a big sur­prise as she mastered an edu­ca­tion in pho­to­graphy before going onto study drama. Car­ola is a mul­ti­fa­ceted woman who allows her read­ers to par­ti­cip­ate in her diverse life. Just the same as with her most recent blog post about Vienna’s Neubau dis­trict, the inspir­a­tion­al breed­ing ground of neubau eye­wear. We caught up with her to talk about the excit­ing neigh­bor­hood, fash­ion and the per­fect pair of glasses.

On your blog you showed your read­ers around in Vienna’s Neubau dis­trict. What do you like best about this neigh­bor­hood? What makes it spe­cial to you?
While Vienna is known for its typ­ic­al old cafés, Neubau dis­trict is full of mod­ern ver­sions that trans­late the tra­di­tion­al image into today’s style. Also shop­ping-wise this area is dif­fer­ent to the rest of the town – here there is a lot hap­pen­ing. New fash­ion and design stores, mainly from Scand­inavia, have recently opened in Neubau; Week­day, COS, Hay. Before that, in the blog­ger scene, I was some­times a bit out on a limb with my min­im­al­ist, reduced style… Now here are many small interi­or stores and second hand boutiques. It gives the area a really unique and excit­ing char­ac­ter that you can’t really find in oth­er Vien­nese neigh­bor­hoods. The whole atmo­sphere in the first dis­trict for example is only designed to please the tour­ists where­as the sev­enth dis­trict is for the nat­ives, for the young, for cre­at­ive people. Here you can find many writers, dir­ect­ors, act­ors and musi­cians — and you def­in­itely feel that.

Did you nev­er have the wish to move to anoth­er city?
At one point I was think­ing about mov­ing to Ber­lin – how­ever, when you’re a blog­ger you can work from any­where. And I’m quite often in Ger­many any­way. Even though my boy­friend is Ger­man he doesn’t want to leave Vienna because he finds it so great and liv­able. With all the devel­op­ment here I can under­stand that and I def­in­itely feel the same about the city now, I really don’t have any reas­on to move away. I travel so much that it’s nice to have a quiet home base. Espe­cially as Vienna is no fash­ion city, that’s so pleasant!

What does a day in your life look like? Or does some­thing like routine even exist in your busy job?
I try to be in the office at 9 in the morn­ing. Usu­ally I write my texts before mid­day because my con­cen­tra­tion is bet­ter. After that I answer all the mails and in the after­noon I vis­it show­rooms, have meet­ings, give inter­views, plan the next day’s out­fit and do some loc­a­tion scout­ing. Find­ing the per­fect loc­a­tion is essen­tial for my photo shoots as I don’t want to stand in front of a ran­dom wall on a ran­dom street so instead I look for loc­a­tions that match the out­fit, tell a story and cre­ate an atmo­sphere. That’s why I’m con­stantly walk­ing around in Vienna. To stay organ­ized I work with strict edit­or­i­al plan, I wouldn’t know how to deal with all the work without hav­ing a weekly over­view. How­ever, nev­er under­es­tim­ate the huge amount of work – for me the clas­sic Fri­day doesn’t exist, my week has six or even sev­en days. All my trav­el­ing is anoth­er reas­on for that, when I come back home I need to catch up on a lot of work. And, of course, the social media; you’re nev­er off­line what can be boon and bane.

What’s the best thing about your job?
The trav­el­ling and all the excit­ing people that I meet every­where, all the con­ver­sa­tions I have with them. Luck­ily the rumor that blog­gers do only take pho­tos of cup­cakes is now con­futed – when you’re a full time blog­ger it’s so much hard work. I’m doing all the depart­ments of a magazine by my own; graph­ics, pro­gram­ming, chief edit­or, pho­to­graph­ic edit­or, everything. It’s an exhaust­ing job that cer­tainly gives a lot back to you.

Being self-employed can some­times be hard, espe­cially in the cre­at­ive field. What is the most import­ant les­son you’ve learnt in your work life so far?
Hard work pays off. You def­in­itely need a long breath in this job field, but in the end hard work and qual­ity will be recog­nized and cher­ished. You should nev­er let today’s star blog­gers and it-girls get to you – they won’t be around for a long time any­way. I prefer stand­ing for con­sist­ency, qual­ity and doing my own thing in my own pace. Second les­son: From the out­side, from an Ins­tagram per­spect­ive, it always seems as if the oth­ers were hav­ing the per­fect life. Even though I’m also a per­fec­tion­ist – I’m a light­ing fan­at­ic, all my pic­tures need to be bright and per­fectly illu­min­ated. How­ever you should always keep in mind that not everything’s beau­ti­ful and that they take a lot of pho­tos before post­ing one, that’s nor­mal. I’m sure that my oth­er col­leagues sit­ting at home, hav­ing the same thoughts, too.

When trav­el­ling, which three essen­tials are always in your bag?
Sun glasses, earplugs, camera.

When you grew up did you ever get any fash­ion advice from your moth­er or grand­moth­er that still sticks in your head?
My fam­ily didn’t really give me any advice, fash­ion-wise. My mom and grand­moth­er sewed a lot of clothes them­selves. To them it was really import­ant that clothes have a good qual­ity. They’ve taught me that you don’t need a 1,000 things in your ward­robe and I still have the same opin­ion. I prefer buy­ing less, but with a high qual­ity so that you can enjoy the clothes for longer. My own fash­ion advice is the three col­or style rule’. Blue, white, grey or black, white, gold – nev­er more than three dif­fer­ent col­ors in one out­fit. Fol­low­ing that rule you can cre­ate a nice, bal­anced look and you’re always on the safe side.

As fash­ion plays such a big role in your life, how do you define that term for you?
Fash­ion is a huge, huge play­ground. Of course it reflects your per­son­al­ity, but some­times it’s cool to coun­ter­act and to play with that depend­ing on how you feel. Fash­ion is an extreme expres­sion of your well­being and your self-confidence.

Do you some­times have prob­lems with find­ing new and cre­at­ive ideas for out­fits?
Yes, most of the time! I spend so much time online and look at things that I some­times for­get who I really am. But that’s non­sense and I need to come down because it’s still me, it’s still my intu­ition. Most of the time I just go away from the laptop, leave the city and I get a lot of new inspir­a­tion on my travels of course.

How would you describe your style?
Simple with an edge. Fem­in­ine sub­lim­ity with a dash of off-duty and a bit relaxed.

Accessor­ies, like glasses, can totally change a look. What makes a pair of glasses the per­fect ones for you?
Spe­cial and at the same time incon­spicu­ous, so that I could wear them every day. A reli­able com­pan­ion, a safe haven — some­times I like to hide behind them. It’s an access­ory that com­pletes a whole look. As I said I don’t like them to be super fancy, I don’t need all that tiger-cat-eye-crazi­ness, but glasses that always fit with a cool, not too big frame. It’s not import­ant if they are optic­al or with plain glass, they just have to blend in the over­all pic­ture and suit the per­son who’s wear­ing them.

Talk­ing about glasses — what’s your favor­ite Neubau Eye­wear frame?
Linda’ in clear glass optic. Hon­estly I don’t need optic­al glasses, so I chose one with plain glass, just because it per­fects a whole look. Linda’ is so simple but as soon as you’re wear­ing it you really see the boom factor! Anoth­er thing that I like is that the frames are all named after employ­ees. The col­ors are fab­ulous. Neubau eye­wear com­bines the mod­ern urban­ity of Vienna’s eponym­ous 7th dis­trict with sim­pli­city and design. When buy­ing them you imme­di­ately get a good feel­ing because you know it’s a long-term investment.

Could you give us a tip on how to style Linda’ best?
Not too long ago I styled Linda’ with a black, long slip dress, a car­digan and chucks. Today I’m wear­ing the glasses with an off-shoulder top, a striped skirt and high-heels – a more fem­in­ine look. How­ever, you can com­bine the glasses in any way you want, even with jeans and a tshirt!

If you had to chose: who’s your all-time favor­ite wear­er of glasses?
There are so many! But I have to go with Andy Warhol.

Fea­tured Image by Phil­ipp Lipiarski

23 Jun 2016 · neubau eyewear
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