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Behind the Scenes of Our Campaign Shoot

For every cam­paign and look­book shoot, we are com­mit­ted to find­ing a loc­a­tion that we can instantly asso­ci­ate neubau with — a space that incor­por­ates ele­ments of urb­an design, archi­tec­ture, light as well as a per­son­al­ized look and feel. Design is cent­ral to what we do at neubau and we enjoy the task of loc­a­tion scout­ing, because our research is a remind­er of what inspires us the most; spaces, places, design­ers and cre­at­ors who inspire us to be thought­ful with our pro­cess of designing. 

Although some argue that our cit­ies are filled with hun­dreds and thou­sands of stu­di­os to meet the advert­ising and mar­ket­ing demands of our over­sat­ur­ated con­sumer mar­ket, there are some loc­a­tions that rep­res­ent some­thing magic­al — per­haps because of their style or maybe because of their his­tory. That is the case with the loc­a­tion of our last look­book shoot: the icon­ic Pan Am Lounge in Berlin. 

Pan Amer­ic­an World Air­ways as you might remem­ber, was the first flight to ever cross the pacific ocean and the first to offer pas­sen­ger ser­vice to Europe — not a small feat by any meas­ure. To achieve such suc­cess, the com­pany hired the best pilots and even­tu­ally ended up con­struct­ing the Pan Am Lounge, a space for the flight crew to rest, unwind and recharge. Loc­ated at what is known today as the Europa Cen­ter, this West Ber­lin loc­a­tion is unlike any oth­er in both its spa­tial con­fig­ur­a­tion as well as it’s interi­or deck up. 


Sit­ting at the top of the sky­scraper on Bud­apester Strasse 43, the first ele­ment that catches the eye is the amount of nat­ur­al light allowed in. Although the space has low ceil­ings, the angles at which the light pen­et­rates is a show in itself, illu­min­at­ing the more unex­pec­ted corners of the space. The space is divided into dif­fer­ent nooks, each cre­ated to max­im­ize com­fort, encour­aging one to sit back, relax and enjoy their time. 

Every ele­ment of interi­or design has been per­fectly pre­served, from the ash­trays to the antenna radi­os. Filled with plush leath­er couches, long wooden cof­fee tables, arti­facts includ­ing globes, maps and naut­ic­al art acts as a gentle remind­er of the air­lines once revolu­tion­ary vis­ion of cre­at­ing glob­al con­nectiv­ity. One of the smoking rooms is dec­or­ated to feel like an old hunt­ing cab­in com­plete with stuffed trophy heads of anim­als on the exposed brick walls. The large out­door bal­cony that runs along the entire lounge gives access to some of the best views in all of Ber­lin, although at the time of con­struc­tion (right after the war ended), it must have looked out at a city des­troyed to the ground, with the excep­tion of the Kais­er Wil­hem cathedral. 


Although the air­line was forced into bank­ruptcy in 1991, the lounge remained thanks to the sol­emn efforts of Nata­scha Bon­ner­man, the cur­rent own­er and man­aging dir­ect­or of the lounge. She worked earn­estly to pre­serve the lounge, its his­tory and its sig­ni­fic­ance to the devel­op­ment of Ber­lin post war and dur­ing the crum­bling of the infam­ous Ber­lin Wall.

Hav­ing been able to use this space to shoot our cam­paign was a real priv­ilege — we felt instantly trans­por­ted to anoth­er time and that feel­ing def­in­itely mani­fes­ted itself in the final images. Although play­ful, the con­tra­dic­tion of col­ors, pat­terns and tex­tures added a lay­er of depth to the shoot that made it a pleas­ure to shoot. It’s always excit­ing to have anoth­er stroke of inspir­a­tion strike the cre­at­ive team as they walk into a location. 

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