Style, qual­ity and sus­tain­able design

“Sustainability”, “transparency” and “authenticity” are perhaps the most well-known and over-used buzzwords in business today. They can be very easy to say, but perhaps not always so easy to put into practice.
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See & Do Good

We have worked hard to build a brand that puts people and the plan­et at the heart of every decision we make. Accord­ing to the motto, we con­stantly remind ourselves that we are not just cre­at­ing premi­um design eye­wear that helps people appre­ci­ate the beauty of the world around them, we are also mak­ing an effort to make the world a fairer, clean­er and health­i­er place for future generations.

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Sus­tain­able materials
Our high-quality eyewear is made using sustainable materials, including bio-based plastics, titanium and stainless steel.
Bio-based poly­mer
Our polymer frames are either 65% or 100% bio based. We are therefore making great progress at a time when only 0.5% of the total plastics produced worldwide are made from plant derivatives.
121000 bottles recycled
Since 2017, over 121 000 empty plastic bottles have been recycled into NEUBAU EYEWEAR cleaning cloths. The 12 grams of plastic derived from a single half-liter bottle is enough to make two cloths.
218 000 wrap­pers saved
The recycled-plastic cleaning cloths are wrapped exclusively in recyclable paper, which eliminated the need for 218 000 plastic wrappers between 2017 and 2019.
Sol­ar panel
We also feed the power grid at our production site with our three innovative Smartflower solar panel systems which generate 40% more solar energy than traditional panels.
100% renew­able energy
Since 2017 the NEUBAU production plant in Austria has been powered by 100% renewable energy.
90% smal­ler footprint
Our recyclable soft cases, introduced in 2017, have a 90% smaller carbon footprint than conventional hard cases.
High air fil­ter­ing standards
Our strict exhaust air purification process filters out 97% of carbon emissions, well above legal requirements.
1 ton/​year CO2 savings
By producing our demo lenses in Austria, we save at least one ton of CO2 emissions each year from transportation alone.
Code of Conduct
Since 2019, our Code of Conduct for suppliers requires strict adherence to environmental norms and responsible sourcing practices.

Loc­al pro­duc­tion, green energy and zero emissions

To achieve our sus­tain­ab­il­ity goals, we take every meas­ure pos­sible to reduce the envir­on­ment­al impact of our pro­duc­tion prac­tices. At NEUBAU EYE­WEAR, we don’t just talk the talk, but actu­ally walk the walk when it comes to sus­tain­able production.

Neubau sustainability solar panel Smartflower

Sus­tain­able materials

At a time of unpre­ced­en­ted cli­mate change, resource deple­tion and biod­iversity loss, we know it is import­ant to have a clear vis­ion and robust strategies to ensure that we are part of the pos­it­ive change we want to see. For us this starts with the mater­i­als we use to cre­ate our high-qual­ity, urb­an-inspired eyewear.

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nat­ur­al px

65% of this innov­at­ive bio-based poly­am­ide mater­i­al is made up of oil extrac­ted from organ­ic­ally grown castor beans. The remain­ing 35% is reg­u­lar poly­mer which is needed to rein­force the strength and elasti­city of the mater­i­al. nat­ur­alPX doesn’t just help us min­im­ize our car­bon foot­print, it allows us to design and man­u­fac­ture high­per­form­ance eye­wear in a wide range of styl­ish col­ors and finishes.

Neubau optic Erin natural3 D


natural3D is a 100% bio-based poly­mer made from non genet­ic­ally mod­i­fied castor oil beans which we use in our 3D print­ing pro­cess. This mater­i­al is not only derived from a renew­able source, it also enables us to pro­duce the frames without cre­at­ing sol­id or cut­ting waste.

Neubau sunglasses walter wassily titanium 3 D printed


We only use high-grade titani­um from Japan from sup­pli­ers who meet our rig­or­ous qual­ity require­ments. Titani­um can also be used in a sus­tain­able way as only min­im­al amounts of mater­i­al are used to pro­duce excel­lent res­ults. Titani­um can also be con­sidered as a sus­tain­able mater­i­al, because it does not deteri­or­ate, it can be used forever and is easy to recycle. 

Neubau eyewear Roland stainless steel

Stain­less steel

Stain­less steel is widely used in the food industry and med­ic­al applic­a­tions because of its dur­ab­il­ity, sur­face fin­ish and res­ist­ance to cor­ro­sion. It is an envir­on­ment­ally friendly choice of mater­i­al as it can be recycled an indef­in­ite num­ber of times, with no degrad­a­tion. 65% of the stain­less steel we use for our products is recycled steel and it is estim­ated that around 80% of all stain­less steel world­wide is recycled, mak­ing it the most recycled mater­i­al on the planet.

Con­sist­ent ecology

We are grate­ful for the energy, ded­ic­a­tion and cre­ativ­ity of every­one in the NEUBAU fam­ily who is driv­ing for­ward tech­nic­al innov­a­tion in our pro­duc­tion pro­cesses and prac­tices, from clos­ing the loop in our 3D print­ing pro­cess to provid­ing clean­ing cloths made from recycled PET bottles. Every effort that is made to min­im­ize waste, con­serve energy and safe­guard water sup­plies helps us to live up to our green objectives.

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Step by step, we’re tak­ing NEUBAU EYE­WEAR towards a green­er future.

Daniel Liktor
Managing Director - NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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