Design eye­wear made in Austria


Dis­tinct design and a sus­tain­able brand philosophy

We are NEUBAU EYE­WEAR, an Aus­tri­an eye­wear label that designs and man­u­fac­tures optic­al glasses and sunglasses with sus­tain­ab­il­ity in its heart. Our vis­ion is to bring premi­um eye­wear to the people. Because we believe, that premi­um is the best way to care about our plan­et and the best way to resolve the con­flict of want­ing a bet­ter world and liv­ing a good life.

Premi­um for NEUBAU means sus­tain­ab­il­ity, respons­ib­il­ity and design. That‘s why we always chal­lenge con­ven­tions and bravely offer new, cre­at­ive options. We aim for the highest eco-friendly stand­ards and use sus­tain­able and innov­at­ive mater­i­als for a com­fort­able all-day wear, to cre­ate glasses in a dis­tinct design that are stand­ing out from the masses.

Neubau designers talk

We produce comfortable premium eyewear with the highest design standards.

Neubau sustainability bee and flower

Following our ethos “See&Do Good”, we pursue a vision of true social and ecological responsibility.

Neubau Vienna district 3

Our brand name NEUBAU pays tribute to international creative hubs such as Vienna’s Neubau district.

Sus­tain­able materials

With our long­stand­ing expert­ise we are on the fore­front of using innov­at­ive tech­no­lo­gies and mater­i­als dur­ing our pro­duc­tion pro­cess. Our high-qual­ity eye­wear is made using sus­tain­able mater­i­als, includ­ing bio-based poly­mers, recycled stain­less steel and high-grade Japan­ese titanium.

Eye­wear is more than an object. It inspires with stor­ies. Stor­ies that change per­spect­ives and beha­viour. Inspir­ing, pro­gress­ive, styl­ish, idealistic.

Daniel Liktor
Managing Director - NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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