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Darkness becomes light

With this year’s Special Edition ​“Transition”, we venture into the unknown to capture the spirit of new beginnings. We channel the first rays of dawn as they pierce the darkness of the night sky.

We are standing at the point of no return. The path ahead seems dark and uncertain. The ​“Transition” collection represents a moment that appears to be frozen in time until it is propelled into the future by an unstoppable desire to reinvent itself. We are breaking free from the past and starting anew.

Silmo d´Or 2022

With its futuristic design “Xenon” was awarded the prestigious SILMO d'Or "Prix Spécial du Jury" at this year's SILMO Paris.

The SILMO d’Or awards celebrate the talent and creativity of the eyewear industry and they are considered as one of the highest recognitions of the ingenuity and inventiveness. While brands and manufacturers can apply for the respective categories, the “Prix Spécial” is a separate category for which the winner is selected directly on site by the jury.

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A commitment to new beginnings. A commitment to provoke change. To take over the responsibility that comes with the light of a new day.

The Transition

This moment of transition, in which the night becomes a new day, is expressed in both models, Xenon and Neon, through their futuristic designs, mirrored lenses and high-contrast neon-colored accents. Yet, it’s not only the design of the Special Edition that gives us a glimpse of the future. By only using the 100% plant-based material natural3D and high-quality titanium for this collection, NEUBAU is leading the way into an age in which protecting the environment is no longer optional.

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