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A durable, extremely lightweight material

We only use high-grade beta-titanium from Japan from suppliers who meet our rigorous quality requirements. Titanium can also be used in a sustainable way as only minimal amounts of material are used to produce excellent results. Titanium can also be considered as a sustainable material because it does not deteriorate, it can be used forever and is easy to recycle. Due to its high strength and low density, products can be made small and light which avoids the unnecessary use of energy resources.

Benefits of titanium

Our titanium provides our frames with great elasticity, strength and stability, making them the ideal choice for active people. This material has many benefits as it’s stronger and more lightweight than many ordinary metals. It is highly resistant to wear and tear and will stay looking newer for longer. It is also hypoallergenic and can be used for medical purposes such as transplants.

NEUBAU Eyewear handmade in Austria production titanium
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