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Shapes of motion

A movement of action and change

Inspired by water, the SHAPES OF MOTION collection explores unexpected new paths. With transparent textures in a shadow play of light and water, the collection presents itself from the plant-based material composition natural Acetate.

Intense colors and deep contrasts channel the variety of nature. Combined harmoniously with durable beta titanium, our first natural Acetate collection is the latest addition to our sustainable range of eyewear.

What we see as fragile is a source of true strength.

natural acetate

natural Acetate is a purely plant-based material composition of cotton and wood. Contrary to traditionally used acetates, this sustainable material creation is made without harmful components and uses only plant-based plasticizers. As a result, the material is considered biodegradable and particularly environmentally friendly.

Neubau material natural Acetate 10

The flowing movements of water symbolize transparency, transformation and the ability to overcome any barriers.

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