NEUBAU EYEWEAR Sepcial Edition Perspectives of Pionieers Lotte Hans couple 16x9

Perspectives of Pioneers

Changing the perspective, to change the world.

Inspired by the visionary work of marine biologists and conservationists Lotte and Hans Hass, we have created a special edition that is a homage to the fascinating world of the oceans and is drawing our attention to the sensitivity of our planet. With “Perspectives of Pioneers”, we are calling on us to change our perspectives and keep a watchful eye on the oceans in order to conserve and protect them.

A leap into the unknown

When Hans Hass was 18, he went deep sea diving for the first time and discovered a world that he couldn’t even begin to imagine. He didn‘t yet know that countless dives, expeditions and research work would follow this first leap into the unknown, or that it would earn him and his wife Lotte the reputation as pioneers of modern diving. One thing he might have guessed back then is that even small changes in perspective can lead to a completely new vision of our world.

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Under the name #NEUBAUpioneers, the Austrian eyewear label joined forces with Planet Patrol to launch an international litter picking initiative, with the goal of minimizing litter both on land and in the oceans and thereby protecting biodiversity. Within 5 weeks 64 pioneers collected 7,323 pieces of litter.

NEUBAU EYEWEAR x Planet Patrol NEUBA Upeoneers 11

We don’t fear to jump into the unknown. ‘cause where others just see water, we see another world. a world we want to live in.

NEUBAU EYEWEAR Sepcial Edition Perspectives of Pionieers Lotte Hans swimming woman

The design of the extraordinary „Lotte & Hans“ sunglasses is inspired by the shape of classic diving goggles, as well as on the pristine underwater world. The clear, flowing contours of the frame and their horizontally positioned visor are reminiscent of the movement of the waves and the depth of the sea. The result is a futuristic appearance that embodies one thing above all: boundless pioneering spirit. This spirit is not only visible from the outside, but from within as well: By using the 100% bio-based material natural3D, NEUBAU EYEWEAR contributes to the conservation of our resources and to the protection of our oceans with this year‘s Special Edition.

neubau material natural3D

This year‘s Special Edition “Perspectives of Pioneers” is made of natural3D, a 100% bio-based polymer made from non genetically modified castor oil beans.

changing the perspective changes the world.

NEUBAU EYEWEAR Sepcial Edition Perspectives of Pionieers Lotte Hans future
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