Inspired by the movie “Phaedra”, German fashion label ODEEH and NEUBAU EYEWEAR have teamed up to create a new design edition that tells a classic story of longing. Drawing equally from the worlds of art, fashion and design, the collection pays homage to the euphorically bold zeitgeist of the 1960s and 70s with two sunglass models that combine modern craftsmanship, innovative materials and timeless designs.

Geometric shapes and organic materials form the foundation of the sustainable designs named “Phaedra” and “Alexis”, which prove to be timeless yet striking in their creative diversity. The two models, combine plant-based acetate and highly durable beta titanium, emphasizing their strong connection to nature. ODEEH also brings its signature passion for color to the collection, with a palette ranging from fresh and vibrant to understated and elegant.

A classic tale of summer

" A collection in a perfect interplay of shape, color, and materiality! Inspired by everything ODEEH is about and always keeping in mind: The ideal balance of classic elements, a pointed design and a qualitatively sustainable approach in our typical boldness. “

Otto Drögsler & Jörg Ehrlich, ODEEH

ODEEH Portrait Otto Joerg


The renowned label ODEEH by Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlich stands for a now rare atelier tradition since its launch in 2008. Known for its creative approach and dealing with different design elements, ODEEH’s collections are constantly in pursuit of perfection and passion. With this second collection, NEUBAU EYEWEAR and ODEEH remain united in a collective understanding for high-quality materials and hand-crafted designs, as well as committed to treating nature with respect.

The accessory

In a consistent continuation of their sustainability philosophy, an exclusive accessory was also created during the design process for the ODEEH / NEUBAU Special Edition. Handmade in an upcycling process, the accessory combines a finely crafted acetate piece with an Italian textile strap from the ODEEH archives and can be used as a practical keychain or pocket jewelry. With this creation, ODEEH and NEUBAU once again prove their appreciation for materials and functionality by giving by-products a chance outside of collections.

NEUBAU ODEEH keychain1
NEUBAU ODEEH Phaedra 0663
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