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New generation explorers

A desire to explore and discover

With the collection " New Generation Explorers", made of a 100% plant-based polymer - natural3D, we continue our mission to explore a new way of thinking. In doing so, we are moving in new directions towards our vision of a responsible relationship with nature.

Now that we have explored every corner of the world around us, we have embarked on a journey to discover our purpose and the values within us. The explorers today are those who are brave enough to cross borders and continually broaden their perspectives.

Rediscover values in what is already uncovered using only what we need.

100% plant-based polymer

Every model in our collection “New Generation Explorers” is made exclusively from a 100% plant-based polymer derived from non-GMO castor oil and processed using state-of-the-art 3D technology. natural3D, a material developed especially for NEUBAU, enables us to reduce our ecological footprint to the minimum, without generating waste.

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Inside all of us is a longing for more, a desire to explore and discover.

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