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natural PX

A polymer from the castor bean

65% of this innovative plant-based polyamide is derived from the oil of organically grown castor plants. The remaining 35% are regular polymers, which are necessary for the material's strength and elasticity. naturalPX helps us reduce our carbon footprint while developing and manufacturing high-performance eyewear in a wide range of modern colors and finishes.

The massive use of petroleum-based plastics worldwide has a huge impact on the environment. The excessive use of these plastics entails the depletion of valuable mineral resources and the destruction of large parts of our environment. Distilling petroleum and cracking naphtha involve extremely high energy consumption. These facts were partly responsible for the development of our plant-based alternatives: naturalPX and natural3D.

CASTOR OIL: A High-Performance and sustainable raw materials

organic farming

We source the castor bean seeds for the production of our plant-based plastics from an agricultural cooperative consisting of 2,730 certified farmers in India. The farmers are part of an initiative to promote sustainable agriculture (PRAGATI Initiative). Under this initiative, improved agricultural waste management measures are being applied. With the help of safety kits and intensive training, farmers are able to grow crops in an organic way. The castor plants we use to make our eyewear are also GMO-free.

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Castor oil is a colorless to pale liquid with a very distinct taste and smell. The oil and its derivatives are used in a wide range of manufacturing applications, including lubricants, hydraulic and brake fluids, paints, dyes, coatings, inks and nylon. Its many remarkable properties have earned the castor oil plant the title of ​“miracle plant”, however, it is also well known for being the source of the deadly toxin ricin. Ricin is insoluble in oil which means it can be safely removed from the oil during the pressing process. Cold pressed castor oil is therefore non-toxic which is why it is also widely used in medications, cosmetics and as the base of biopolymers such as naturalPX and natural3D.

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Advantages of natural PX


naturalPX and natural3D are both biobased plastics made from renewable castor oil, opposite to non-renewable petroleum-based resources that are damaging to the environment. At the moment, biobased plastics only make up 0.5% of all manufactured plastics world-wide, so we are leading the way in developing and utilizing materials that do not deplete the planet’s precious mineral resources.


The processes involved in the extraction of castor oil do not demand high levels of energy, which means carbon dioxide emissions are very low. Our customers can therefore purchase our eyewear safe in the knowledge that we are doing everything possible to minimize our company’s carbon footprint. In addition, both materials are free from harmful chemicals such as BPA, BPS and plasticizers which are major pollutants and are linked to a wide range of health problems.

Fantastic wearability

naturalPX and natural3D are not just kinder to the environment, they also have many special properties that optimize the look and feel of NEUBAU EYEWEAR. They are even 30% lighter than acetate, which is the most commonly used plastic for the production of eyewear. Their high elasticity and form stability also ensure that the frames fit well and retain their shape.

Beauty and flexibility in design

naturalPX is more transparent than glass. This wonderful characteristic makes it possible to produce a wide variety of innovative color combinations and crystal-clear finishes, perfect for customers who want to express their unique style and personality.

Made to last

Today’s environmentally conscious consumers are looking for well-designed products that last. Frames made from naturalPX and natural3D are designed to stay in shape and stand the test of time which is great for customers who follow the ethos of ​“buy less and buy better”.


naturalPX and natural3D are hypoallergenic. This means that they do not cause reactions with the skin's natural chemicals or with other substances applied to the skin. Cold-pressed, non-toxic castor oil, which is the base ingredient of our plant-based polymers, is also used in numerous medications and cosmetics due to its properties.

Production with natural PX

Injection molding with natural PX

We have developed a rapid injection molding process for our naturalPX material, which allows us to better control the flow of naturalPX into the mold, resulting in a more efficient manufacturing process and less waste. More than 90% of the processed material is used to make new frames. The little waste from naturalPX can be recycled.

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The coloring process with natural PX

We have spent many years developing sophisticated production methods to produce attractive colored spectacle frames. Two methods are used to produce our collections of vibrant or subtly shaded eyewear. Color can be added to the naturalPX material before it runs through the injection molding process, or additional color can be added after this process through air brushing, dip dying, digital printing and other processes which are well guarded trade secrets.

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