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Lookbook 1804 Manu
MANU in glorious gold

Life is like a giant jig­saw puz­zle. A kalei­do­scope of moments and expe­ri­ences that makes us dis­cov­er each day a new, bring­ing togeth­er the most diverse places and impres­sions in baf­fling ways. Like a bar and a book­store, a vin­tage shop and a club, gal­leries and count­less lit­tle back­streets. On a walk through Vienna’s 7th dis­trict Neubau, not only do we encounter this odd col­lec­tion of shops, but also a mul­ti­tude of scents, sounds and faces. Walls as col­or­ful as a water­col­or set, deep greens and…

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Life is like a giant jig­saw puz­zle. A kalei­do­scope of moments and expe­ri­ences that makes us dis­cov­er each day a new, bring­ing togeth­er the most diverse places and impres­sions in baf­fling ways. Like a bar and a book­store, a vin­tage shop and a club, gal­leries and count­less lit­tle back­streets. On a walk through Vienna’s 7th dis­trict Neubau, not only do we encounter this odd col­lec­tion of shops, but also a mul­ti­tude of scents, sounds and faces. Walls as col­or­ful as a water­col­or set, deep greens and that inces­sant sen­sa­tion of music in our ears.

We can allow our­selves to drift in this stream of cre­ative ener­gy, this labyrinth of lit­tle back­streets that nonethe­less keep point­ing us in the right direc­tion, lead­ing us to the source of inspi­ra­tion and a hunger for adven­ture. And yet this source is not a defined place, it can­not be found on a map, but right inside our minds. It is an emo­tion, an instinct, a sen­sa­tion that dri­ves us along in its bub­bling spir­it of inven­tion, in all our cre­ation. Just like our home, the Neubau dis­trict. This com­bi­na­tion of an inspir­ing envi­ron­ment and a feel­ing of home may be one of the most impor­tant trea­sures we will come across in our lives. It should be trea­sured, fos­tered and nour­ished. We want to see that green sprout fresh shoots, want to take in our envi­ron­ment in per­fect focus, soak up the minut­est of impres­sions, get to know the peo­ple that make our dis­trict Neubau and so many oth­er cre­ative places even more worth liv­ing in. We want to infect and sup­port oth­ers with this pas­sion and, through our See & Do Good” ini­tia­tive, pull all of us togeth­er as a team – for our vision of a green­er future that we shall nev­er lose sight of.

And because this jour­ney has not reached its end by a long shot, we invite you to see the world and its pos­si­bil­i­ties in a new and sus­tain­able way, be it through our glass­es, on our blog the​frame​of​mind​.com, our social media chan­nels or right here in the pages of our new Look­book 2018.

MANU in eclectic silver, FELIX in silky rosé, SARAH in glorious gold / white, ERWIN in eclectic silver / black
Lookbook 1804 Manu Erwin
MANU in silky rosé matte ERWIN in silver matte
Lookbook 1804 Felix Manu
FELIX in eclectic silver MANU in glorious gold
Lookbook 1804 Erwin
ERWIN in eclectic silver
neubau Manu Sun
MANU in silver matte
Sigmund and Carl
SIGMUND & CARL in snow-white matte / silky rosé, black coal matte / eclectic silver and black coal matte / glorious gold

Sigmund & Carl

For our new, extrav­a­gant sun­glass­es mod­el we have tak­en inspi­ra­tion from those two icon­ic and con­tro­ver­sial trail­blaz­ers of psy­cho­analy­sis, Sig­mund Freud and Carl Gus­tav Jung. From their pio­neer­ing spir­it, their spe­cial rela­tion­ship with Vien­na, not to for­get their char­ac­ter­is­tic spec­ta­cle frames.

I dread Vien­na, and I will dread it three times as much when I come back from Berlin.” Sig­mund Freud used to love win­ding up Vien­nese soci­ety and its elite of poets and thin­kers with state­ments like these. For the longest part of his life the found­ing father of psy­cho­analy­sis lived and worked in Vien­na, and in fact he har­bored a deep bond to his city and the par­tic­u­lar­i­ties of the Vien­nese soul”. While he mulled over his the­o­ries on the human psy­che in his beloved coffee­houses, scrib­bling ideas in his count­less note­books, anoth­er pio­neer of the field would soon join him there: The Swiss psy­chi­a­trist Carl Gus­tav Jung with whom Freud would envis­age a con­cept of the human psy­che which would inform our under­stand­ing of our psy­cho­log­i­cal make-up to this day. And just as the thoughts and the­o­ries of both of these enquir­ing minds blend­ed and com­pli­ment­ed each oth­er a cen­tu­ry ago, their char­ac­ter­is­tic glass­es now merge into one in the shape of our new sun­glass­es mod­el Sig­mund & Carl. Freud’s round­ed mod­el meets Jung’s met­al frames, just as rev­o­lu­tion­ary trains of thought met for­ward-look­ing con­cepts. Inspired by this, inno­va­tion and finesse are also reflect­ed in our new neubau hinge, which has been used in this mod­el for the very first time. A detailed new interpre­tation of the neubau logo is care­ful­ly embed­ded in the func­tion­al­i­ty of the frame, adding a fit­ting fin­ish to the high qual­i­ty char­ac­ter of the mod­el.
To us Sig­mund & Carl rep­re­sents not just a visu­al homage to the two ground­break­ing minds that gave the mod­el its name, but also pays trib­ute to their uncom­pro­mis­ing­ly chal­leng­ing thoughts and their dri­ve towards new ideas.

Sigmund and Carl
SIGMUND & CARL in black coal matte / glorious gold
Sigmund and Carl
SIGMUND & CARL in black coal matte / eclectic silver and snow-white matte/silky rose
Lookbook Sigmund Und Carl 04
SIGMUND & CARL in black coal matte / eclectic silver
Lookbook 1804 Sill Sigmund Und Carl 02
SIGMUND & CARL in black coal matte / eclectic silver
Sigmund and Carl
SIGMUND & CARL in black coal matte / eclectic silver

Vienna Wedekind

On the trail of Sigmund & Carl

What start­ed six years ago as the dig­i­tal diary of the actor and pho­tog­ra­ph­er Car­o­la Pojer, has since turned into one of Austria’s most suc­cess­ful blogs. The 31-year-old’s pen name VIEN­NA WEDEKIND” already com­bines two of her biggest influ­ences: Aus­trias cap­i­tal and the pro­to-expres­sion­ist Ger­man play­wright Frank Wedekind. A min­i­mal­ist with a keen eye for detail, we couldn’t have thought of any­one bet­ter to fol­low the trail of inspi­ra­tion lead­ing to our new mod­el Sig­mund & Carl”, so we met her for a chat.

Sigmund and Carl
SIGMUND & CARL in black coal matte / eclectic silver

You are wear­ing the mod­el Sig­mund & Carl which was inspired by those two icons of psycho­analysis, Sig­mund Freud and Carl Gus­tav Jung. Both of them spent a lot of their work­ing lives in Vien­na. Where would you go to feel the pres­ence of their spir­it in today’s city?
Def­i­nite­ly to the Café Landt­mann or the Café Sperl, which also were part of our pho­to shoot. Beyond that, a walk along Vienna’s Ringstrasse is an absolute must. That’s where you will pass many his­toric build­ings, such as the Uni­ver­si­ty where Freud used to teach, which will give you an impres­sion of old Vienna. 

You are trav­el­ing a lot between the world’s fash­ion cap­i­tals, but you still live in Vien­na. What is it that fas­ci­nates you about the city?
I love its mix of the clas­sic and the mod­ern. On the one hand, you’ve got these epi­cal­ly beau­ti­ful his­toric build­ings and a unique cof­fee­house tra­di­tion, which only exists in Vien­na in this form, that whole idio­syn­crat­ic vibe. On the oth­er hand you’ve got mod­ern archi­tec­ture, inno­v­a­tive con­cepts that com­bine shop­ping and din­ing out, and the kind of urban cool­ness that you’ll find in a dis­trict like Neubau. 

In what words would you describe the Vien­nese style?
Time­less, clas­sic and under­stat­ed – with a hint of bravery.

Sigmund and Carl
SIGMUND & CARL in snow-white/silky rosé
Sigmund and Carl
SIGMUND & CARL in snow-white/silky rosé
Sigmund Sun
SIGMUND in morning coffee matte

All eyes on naturalPX

Our milk? Organ­ic. Our lip­stick? Veg­an. The shirts on our backs? Fair trade. In all aspects of our lives we take care of our envi­ron­ment and recog­nise our respon­si­bil­i­ty for the future of com­ing gen­er­a­tions. So why should we stop at spec­ta­cles, our con­stant com­pan­ions? That’s what we thought too, and so we intro­duced an inno­v­a­tive, sus­tain­able mate­r­i­al called nat­u­ralPX to the pro­duc­tion of our frames. This high­ly devel­oped, envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly poly­mer is pro­duced from organ­ic, renew­able mate­ri­als. More than half of it is derived from the oil of the ricin plant, com­mon­ly known as The Won­der Tree. The seduc­tive buzz­words that make this sus­tain­able mate­r­i­al such a great all-rounder are flex­i­bil­i­ty, dura­bil­i­ty, extra­or­di­nary light­ness and the high­est inten­si­ty in col­or. Add to that mod­ern aes­thet­ics, com­fort­able wear and a good con­science! Make up your own mind and find out more about our frames on neubau​-eye​wear​.com.

FRANK in cappuccino marble matte, JANNIS in grey marble matte, SANDRA in mocca marble
Carla and Ruben
RUBEN in olive matte, CARLA in fizzy champagne matte catty
SANDRA in brick red matte
Dani Sun
DANI in crystal clear
Frank and Sandra
FRANK in black coal matte, SANDRA in caramel tortoise
SIGMUND in sweet honey matte

The honey bee conservancy

Let us pic­ture the scene: A Sun­day brunch with­out cof­fee, hon­ey or fruit. No spring flow­ers and no more vari­ety on super­mar­ket shelves. It’s a future you wouldn’t wish to imag­ine, and yet it isn’t far from unlike­ly, at least if one of the key con­trib­u­tors to our eco-sys­tem keeps get­ting over­looked: The hon­ey­bee. In only a few decades that busy hum in the air might well fall silent, and those blur­ry dots hov­er­ing over our mead­ows might dis­ap­pear from view.

That’s what makes it all the more essen­tial and wel­come to know there are ini­tia­tives ready to take a stand for those all-impor­tant insects. One of the most proac­tive among them calls itself The Hon­ey­bee Con­ser­van­cy. This not-for-prof­it orga­ni­za­tion is strate­gi­cal­ly intro­duc­ing swarms and hives of bees into com­mu­nal gar­dens all over New York to coun­ter­act the extinc­tion of the hon­ey­bee and main­tain a healthy bal­ance between nature and the city. Nat­u­ral­ly, we have offered our assis­tance, and togeth­er with the Honey­bee Con­ser­van­cy we have not just con­tributed to the real­ization of their ideas, but also cre­at­ed our own deli­cious vari­eties of hon­ey.
After all, the idea of a green­er future is a vital moti­va­tion on our mis­sion, and not los­ing sight of the small­est mem­bers of our com­mu­ni­ty plays an impor­tant role in this. Or as Guiller­mo Fer­nan­dez, head of the Hon­ey­bee Con­ser­van­cy, sums it up: Some­times hope comes in the most baf­fling sizes. And some­times it comes in the shape of a bee.” You can find more infor­ma­tion about The Hon­ey­bee Con­ser­van­cy on the​honey​beecon​ser​van​cy​.org.

BOB in denim matte and TONI in melange tortoise matte / gold
Frida Sun and Edmund Sun
FRIDA in eclectic silver EDMUND in black ink matte
VIKTORIA in soft marble matte / black ink
3D Sarah and Erwin
SARAH 3D in mint / black ink matte ERWIN 3D in mint / silky rosé
neubau Felix 3D
FELIX 3D in black coal / eclectic silver
neubau Manu 3D
MANU 3D in grey / silky rosé
SARAH 3D in roasted berry / black ink, ERWIN 3D in black coal / glorious gold and MANU 3D in denim / black ink matte
neubau Erwin3D
ERWIN 3D in grey / black ink

Let's meet Model Matthias J. Götz

It becomes nat­ur­al to fight for the things we love”, Matthias J. Götz – sus­tain­abil­i­ty-focused archi­tect and mod­el for our lat­est cam­paign – explains when asked about why he in­vests time and effort into tak­ing care of the envi­ron­ment. It was through his par­ents, biol­o­gist and chem­i­cal engi­neer, that Matt learned how the co-depen­den­cy between all liv­ing crea­tures on earth is key to bal­anc­ing its com­plex ecosys­tem. Inspired by this, the Bavaria-native took flight out into the world: From Europe to South Amer­i­ca, all the way to India and back.

Fol­low­ing this jour­ney of glo­be­trot­ting, the 32-year old has since set­tled down in Huesca, a Span­ish small town at the foot of the Pyre­nees, where he prac­tices his craft. His def­i­n­i­tion of suc­cess? When you can focus on what you are best at while simul­ta­ne­ous­ly fol­low­ing a holis­tic, sus­tain­able approach”. 

Fol­low­ing our shoot in Barcelona, we had a chat with Matthias and had him share the changes he wish­es to see in the world, his con­tri­bu­tion and what moti­vat­ed him to get start­ed in the first place.

What is sus­tain­abil­i­ty-focused archi­tec­ture? How does it dis­tin­guish itself from aver­age architecture”?

His­tor­i­cal­ly speak­ing, sus­tain­able archi­tec­ture is noth­ing new. In fact, it wasn’t until the so-called devel­oped world changed this with the dis­cov­ery of fos­sil fuels and the indus­tri­al revo­lution more than 200 years ago. Mean­ing that the his­to­ry of non-sus­tain­able build­ings is very young and has not even reached every cor­ner of the world yet. So, for a high per­cent­age of our pop­u­la­tion, the archi­tec­ture they know is still pret­ty sus­tain­able com­pared to the west­ern world’s glass palaces. That being said, plan­et earth’s resources are lim­it­ed, some even haz­ardous for us and future gen­er­a­tions, which is some­thing sus­tain­able archi­tec­ture takes into account. 

What would you say might’ve been your biggest accom­plish­ment? How have you made your mark?
I pre­fer focus­ing on marks I want to make rather than dwelling in the past, but I’d say I’m quite proud of what we have man­aged to achieve with the Ele­phant Pod­cast over the last two years, which we use to spread cli­mate change aware­ness on an inter­na­tion­al lev­el through inter­views with lead­ing thinkers, experts, jour­nal­ists and sci­en­tists. My team and I also have a soft­ware project in the works that, if suc­cess­ful, will ensure that non-sus­tain­able archi­tec­ture will only appear in his­to­ry books in a few decades from now.

Being a mod­el, what change would you like to see in the fash­ion and beau­ty indus­try when it comes to sustainability? 

There’s this myth in fash­ion that you can either have great design or a sus­tain­able prod­uct. This is sim­ply not true and there are count­less exam­ples that prove this state­ment wrong. As a result of fast fashion’s mar­ket dom­i­na­tion, though, we find our­selves con­sum­ing prod­ucts at high­er quan­ti­ty than qual­i­ty, prod­ucts that don’t last, and weren’t designed to last. I would like to see peo­ple in those indus­tries chal­lenge them­selves more, to view sus­tain­abil­i­ty as a basic para­me­ter. We need to go back to a less is more”-kind of attitude.

At neubau eye­wear it’s about com­bin­ing con­scious­ness and style. Where would you say does this shim­mer through with­in the cam­paign and our brand as a whole? 

I believe the best part about neubau eye­wear and their cam­paign is that the sus­tain­abil­i­ty-part of it is not that obvi­ous. When I saw the glass­es for the first time, it was the sole style and qual­i­ty that caught my atten­tion. At first, I was not even aware of the fact that sus­tain­abil­i­ty is a dri­ving force behind the label and their prod­ucts. This, to me, is the def­i­n­i­tion of suc­cess: When you can fo­cus on what you are best at – design­ing great glass­es in this case – while simul­ta­ne­ous­ly fol­low­ing a holis­tic, sus­tain­able approach.
The Ele­phant Pod­cast is avail­able on the iTunes store or via www​.ele​phant​pod​cast​.org
Matthias J. Götz is rep­re­sent­ed by PMA, www​.pro​mod​.org
You can read the full inter­view on our blog the​frame​of​mind​.com

neubau Flo
FLO in wood matte
neubau Lotte and Flo
FLO in graphite matte and LOTTE in rusty red matte
Lookbook 1804 Amy Eugen
AMY in black ink and EUGEN in black coal matte / black ink
neubau Frida Sun
FRIDA in white / gold matte
neubau Edmund Sun
EDMUND in black ink / silver matte and eclectic silver