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Join the sustainable avantgarde

the sustainable avantgarde

It seems like everywhere you turn these days, someone is advocating a return to nature” urging us to go back to simpler times. We hear this phrase all the time, but what does it really mean? Are we meant to give up all that we love about the modern age, in order to find some deeper wisdom or save the planet? We don’t think so. Establishing a connection to nature, whether on an adventure tour through a dark, mysterious forest, a long walk in a meadow, or swimming in a mountain lake, has nothing to do with regression or going back in time. Quite the contrary. People who want to live in harmony with nature and respect for the elements are pioneers – they belong to a new age of avantgarde thinkers. Forerunners who know how to blend modern life and the power of nature.


These courageous and out of the box thinkers delight in going off the beaten path.

the movement

Driven by respect and appreciation for the environment, their pioneering spirit is expressed in the imagination of a world in which design and sustainability are bound together. At NEUBAU EYEWEAR we are convinced that it is possible to care for the environment and enjoy life’s beauty at the same time. As part of the sustainable avantgarde movement, we believe that the word premium stands for sustainability, responsibility, and design.


We are the sustainable avantgarde, the spearhead of a new movement, the pioneers that really care for our planet.

For us, it’s not about nostalgically looking back in time, or about flower power and tie die, but a matter of always striving for longevity, regional production, and a connection to the planet we all call home. Always keeping in mind how incredibly important it is to become aware of the great amount of possibilities that can arise from small changes in how we envision our future. Because great things can arise from small changes in perspective.

Join the sustainable avantgarde.

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