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Sharp-eyed into a greener future

ROMY in sand matte/rose/brown purple gradient
JANNIS in hazelnut/rosegold gradient mirror DOMINIK in midnight tortoise matte/gold gradient mirror
BIG ERWIN in electric silver/dark blue gradient & black ink matte/green gradient mirror

Countless things can trigger a good feeling: The look of a loved one, a cool drop of water on the skin or a sentence that has been hanging unspoken for far too long.

In the end, the only thing that matters is allowing this good feeling to come through and being open to the waves of change that it may stir up. The film La Piscine”, which inspired us to develop our new special collection, is all about celebrating these emotions, not with a big hurray and great fanfare, but with conviction.

ROBIN in midnight tortoise matte/gold BARBARA in teal matte/gold
OLIVIER 3D in black/black ink matte/grey

But a good feeling can also arise in a moment of clarity – as an assurance that we’re doing just the right thing.

Even just a single action or a small step can lead towards a better and greener future. Here at neubau, we want to create this good feeling among our customers with each of our products, and for us that means combining environmentally-friendly production methods and trend-setting design.

ROBIN in midnight tortoise matte/gold
VIRGINIA in lavender/graphite/silver gradient mirror
ROLAND in graphite VIRGINIA in black ink matte

The path towards our greener future begins in Vienna’s trendy district of Neubau, where numerous independent shops, galleries, restaurants and bars characterize the colorful, creative hustle and bustle.

Those who come to Neubau want to help shape the future and leave their own mark – in a sustainable way. Even if the residents of the district have different life stories, their vision of the future is similar. This is why, with our motto See & Do Good”, we always focus on sustainable materials, production in Austria and innovative design. And therefore, always on a good feeling.

ROLAND in gold matte/green gradient mirror
VIRGINIA in black/black ink matte/grey OLIVIER 3D in blue grey/electric silver/silver gradient mirror
MAX in graphite/maritime/silver gradient mirror SARAH in glorious gold/maritime/silver-gold mirror
HANNA in black coal matte
DOMINIK in stone grey matte/silver gradient mirror
THEO 3D in evergreen/glorious gold MAX 3D in lavender/black ink matte
ROMANA in silky rose matte
SARAH in silky rose/berry MAX in graphite matte/pacific
TINA in imperial red
SARAH in silky rose matte/blue rose gradient
TINA in hazelnut matte & midnight totoise

When nature offers the perfect frame

Although its real name (the Latin Ricinus communis) is not so widely known, the castor oil plant quickly became famous for its almost magical features. Nicknamed the miracle tree, and not without reason, the almost mythical-looking plant was en- dowed with impressive super powers by Mother Nature.

The extremely resistant plant grows up to five metres in just three to four months, producing seeds whose versatility must even amaze a successful decathlete. This is why the oil of the castor oil plant, which is extracted from its seeds, can be labeled as a first-class universal talent. naturalPX, the material from which all our polymer frames are made, consists of 65% castor oil and is therefore a particularly environmentally-friendly polymer. Due to its particularly high flexibility, impressive resistance, great color intensity and remarkably low weight, naturalPX quickly proved to be an excellent material.

neubau Lookbook mood
neubau Lookbook Greta
GRETA in ocean teal matte/gold

The oil of the castor oil plant is extracted from its seeds and can be labeled as a first-class universal talent.

neubau Lookbook Bill
BILL in concrete matte/graphite

However, with our newly developed material natural3D we managed to make our production even more sustainable.

The seeds of the castor oil plant continue to form the basis of the material, but we have succeeded in increasing the proportion of renew-able raw materials to 100%. With the development of natural3D, a completely natural material can now also be used in 3D printers for the first time. This innovative new way of printing is a dramatically resource- saving process in which excess material can easily be reused.

neubau Lookbook Erin and David
BILL in deep ocean matte/graphite ERIN in burned red matte/gold
neubau Lookbook Greta
GRETA in black coal matte/silver & ocean teal matte/gold
neubau Lookbook David
DAVID in concrete matte/graphite
neubau Lookbook Erin
ERIN in burned red matte/gold

When it comes to sustainability, of course, we also think outside the frame.

Our eyewear packaging, cleaning cloths, accessories and prints are made from recycled or environmentally-friendly materials. In addition, 100% green electricity flows through the lines of our headquarters and our production facility, and strict air and water filtration enables us to work almost completely emission-free.

neubau Lookbook Erin
ERIN in olive matte/graphite
neubau Cote du Soleil

A sustainable tribute to an endless summer

If the 60s taught us anything, it’s that revolutionary attitudes flourish across many different fields. In art, Andy Warhol elevated a tin can to the realm of high culture with his legendary Factory, in music, singer Janis Joplin turned the industry on its head, and in fashion, the mini skirt pushed former dress codes to their ultimate limits. It was a time of liberation, when people freed themselves from the norms that until then had governed their lives and followed the urge to try new things. Somehow, everyone seemed to be on the hunt for a life without limits — for some that meant hanging out with like-minded pacifists in Haight Ashbury, for others it was rather about exploring the French Riviera, where the artsy-inclined became heavily engaged with the avant-garde.

neubau Lookbook mood
ROMY in black coal matte/gold/green gradient mirror
ALAIN in black coal matte/graphite/dark blue gradient ROMY in black coal matte/gold/green gradient mirror
ALAIN in brown matte/gold/dark brown gradient
ALAIN in brown matte/gold/dark brown gradient ROMY in sand matte/rose/brown purple gradient

It’s no wonder, then, that director Jacques Deray used the impressive scenery of the Côte d’Azur as the backdrop for La Piscine” – a movie that would become a paradigm of French cinema. 

Starring Romy Schneider, Alain Delon and Maurice Ronet, the film’s characters find themselves on an unrelenting quest for freedom — a liberation guided by free-flowing emotions and instinctive sensuality. In the stifling summer heat, following hearts rather than their heads can be dangerous, but when emotions are about to boil over, the azure swimming pool acts as the trio’s salvation.

MAURICE in black coal matte/graphite/green

Inspired by the sensual cool of Deray’s cult classic, our brand-new special collection Côte du Soleil is about the beauty that comes when courage and freedom collide.

Our brand-new frames are named Alain, Romy and Maurice, alluding to the three actors that helped La Piscine” to acquire its legendary status, and there are unmistakable parallels in the frames’ forms too. Just as the pool’s edge embraces the glittering water within, the frames of our three new models stretch like a band around the lenses.

MAURICE in evergreen matte/graphite/yellow mirror
ROMY in sand matte/rose/brown purple gradient
neubau Lookbook Côte du Soleil

With the use of our 100% bio-based material natural3D, we also wanted to hark back to the the lesser known, rustic and natural side of the Côte d’Azur, which long before "La Piscine" was shot, was home to high-quality, down-to-earth design.

MAURICE in evergreen matte/graphite/yellow mirror
MAURICE in black coal matte/graphite/green
ROMY in back coal matte/gold/green gradient mirror
ROMY in sand matte/rose/brown purple gradient
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