Neubau Shapes of Motion Acetate Rupert 019


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With a unique aesthetic style, each of NEUBAU EYEWEAR’s creations tell their very own story, always with the highest quality standards and dynamic technological innovation. The guiding principle “Sustainable Avantgarde” describes the brand’s idealism, which is reflected in the bold designs, unmistakable colour palettes and avantgarde elements.

For NEUBAU EYEWEAR, the passion for premium fashion goes hand in hand with the awareness for a respectful treatment of nature, therefore we have the claim to question the status quo again and again and to set new impulses. Alongside extravagant design, progressive solutions such as sustainable materials in the form of plant-based polymers are always at the focus.

Our collections

NEUBAU EYEWEAR Shapeshifter Emma 296

Embedded in mystical landscapes, the SHAPESHIFTER collection plays with delicate aesthetics and the shaping of nature.

Neubau Shapes of Motion Acetate Josi Alena 053

The "SHAPES OF MOTION" collection is made of the plant-based material natural Acetate and inspired by the flowing movements of water.

NEUBAU EYEWEAR Transition Xenon Neon 2

With the Special Edition "TRANSITION" we venture into an unknown darkness. A seeming emptiness that is suddenly flooded with light and promises a new beginning.

NEUBAU EYEWEAR New Gen Explorers woman Siggi 2

We see ourselves as explorers of modernity on our mission to explore a new way of thinking. That's why we use only 100% plant-based polymers for " New Generation Explorers" collection.

NEUBAU EYEWEAR Harmony of Opposites Gabi Horst Optical3

"Harmony of Opposites" describes the perfect symbiosis of natural opposites, and so high-quality, extremely durable TITAN and discreet, minimalist aesthetics are facing each other.


In the production of our frames, we have taken paths that make us pioneers in the industry. For example, a particularly resource-saving 3D printing process, that is used in the production of the EARTH collection.

NEUBAU EYEWEAR Sepcial Edition Perspectives of Pionieers Lotte Hans swimming woman

Inspired by Lotte and Hans Hass, we created the Special Edition "Perspectives of Pioneers" as a tribute to the fascinating world of the oceans and to sharpen our awareness of the sensitivity of our environment.


Inspired by the element of fire, the models from the FIRE collection are made of recycled stainless steel and are particularly durable.

NEUBAU AIR Laura Mirror woman

Inspired by the element of air, we are not afraid to let go and fill the space between looking good and doing good.


Driven by the element of water, we're not afraid to make waves and break habits, so our WATER collection is made from a plant-based polymer.

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