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Privacy Policy

Sil­hou­ette Inter­na­tion­al Schmied AG
Last updat­ed: Octo­ber 2018

Thank you for your inter­est in the prod­ucts of Sil­hou­ette Inter­na­tion­al Schmied AG (“Sil­hou­ette”; We”), that acts as con­troller of the data pro­cess­ing. The pri­va­cy pol­i­cy below will give you detailed infor­ma­tion about the (per­son­al) data that will be col­lect­ed, used and trans­ferred when you vis­it our web­site www​.neubau​-eye​wear​.com (“web­site”) and any sub-pages (“web pages”). Since your data pro­tec­tion is very impor­tant to us, we would like to explain what your rights and options are so that we can enjoy a trust­ed busi­ness rela­tion­ship in the future. We oper­ate in accor­dance with the EU Reg­u­la­tion 2016679 (“GDPR”) and oth­er data pro­tec­tion laws (where applic­a­ble), and we con­stant­ly strive to meet our oblig­a­tions in a way that is as user-friend­ly as pos­si­ble.

We make every effort to han­dle your per­son­al data with the utmost con­fi­den­tial­i­ty, and in full accor­dance with pri­va­cy law. Per­son­al data is infor­ma­tion that enables us or third par­ties to iden­ti­fy you as an indi­vid­ual. This may include a (dynam­ic) IP address, which is suf­fi­cient to iden­ti­fy you if, for exam­ple, inter­net ser­vice providers have the means to do so.

1. Data col­lect­ed, processed and used with con­sent

1.1 When you buy our prod­ucts, or cre­ate a cus­tomer account, you are oblig­ed to enter cer­tain per­son­al details (your full name, your phone num­ber and email address). We only use this infor­ma­tion to offer you our ser­vices (deliv­ery of prod­ucts, man­ag­ing cus­tomer bank details, etc.), and it is only processed and stored for this pur­pose. This data will nev­er be stored for any longer than it is allowed by law (though there also may be a legal oblig­a­tion to store cer­tain data).

1.2 Nev­er­the­less, you can also vis­it our web­site with­out enter­ing any of the data list­ed above; if you want to browse our prod­uct range with­out mak­ing a bind­ing pur­chase, for exam­ple. Here we will only store your web­site usage data (e.g. date/​time of vis­it, inter­net ser­vice provider) in so-called serv­er log files, so that we can keep our web­site run­ning smooth­ly and opti­mise our offer­ing. This infor­ma­tion does not allow us to iden­ti­fy you.

2. Pay­ment meth­ods

2.1 If you decide to buy prod­ucts from our online store, you (or we) will engage a pay­ment ser­vice provider to ini­ti­ate the trans­ac­tion. Spe­cif­ic (per­son­al) (pay­ment) data will be trans­ferred as part of this process, but we have almost no con­trol how the data is stored and processed. In some instances — espe­cial­ly when you cre­ate an account with them (which may be oblig­a­tory) — your cho­sen pay­ment ser­vice will have col­lect­ed the data them­selves. Please refer to the pri­va­cy pol­i­cy of the pay­ment provider in ques­tion when using their ser­vice.

2.2 When choos­ing the cred­it card pay­ment option, you will be send­ing your cred­it card details to us when you place your order. We will then ask the cred­it card com­pa­ny to ini­ti­ate the pay­ment trans­ac­tion. The pay­ment trans­ac­tion is car­ried out auto­mat­i­cal­ly by the cred­it card com­pa­ny and your card will be charged. At the same time, cer­tain data will be sent to the rel­e­vant cred­it card com­pa­ny and processed. We have absolute­ly no con­trol over this process.

2.3 When choos­ing the Pay­Pal pay­ment option, cer­tain data will be sent to Pay­Pal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., 22 – 24 Boule­vard Roy­al, 2449 Lux­em­bourg and processed by the pay­ment ser­vice provider. We have no con­trol over this process. When using this ser­vice, please there­fore refer to PayPal’s pri­va­cy pol­i­cy and terms & con­di­tions, which you can find at https://​www​.pay​pal​.com/​a​t​/​w​e​b​a​p​p​s​/​m​p​p​/​u​a​/​p​r​i​v​a​c​y​-​f​u​l​l​?​l​o​c​a​l​e​.​x​=​de_AT.

3. Newslet­ter

On our web­site, you have the option of sign­ing up to the neubau eye­wear newslet­ter. To do so, you will need to sub­mit your name, coun­try, lan­guage and e-mail address. The neubau eye­wear newslet­ter keeps you up to date with the lat­est prod­ucts and indus­try trends and will only be sent to the email address­es pro­vid­ed. If you no longer want to receive the newslet­ter, you can of course unsub­scribe at any time by click­ing the Unsub­scribe from newslet­ter” but­ton after you receive it. The data stored for the pur­pos­es of send­ing you the newslet­ter will be delet­ed – as long as we are not legal­ly required to do oth­er­wise – after unsub­scrib­ing. We will nev­er send you elec­tron­ic mar­ket­ing with­out your pri­or con­sent (reg­is­tra­tion).

4. Cook­ies

4.1 We use small text files called cook­ies” that are stored on your com­put­er when you vis­it our web­site. These help us to opti­mise our ser­vice to make it more user-friend­ly, improve the design and make it more secure. In many cas­es, the cook­ies installed will be ses­sion cook­ies”, which will be auto­mat­i­cal­ly delet­ed as soon as your cur­rent brows­er ses­sion is over. Oth­er cook­ies (e.g. stor­ing your lan­guage pref­er­ences) will be stored for a longer peri­od, or until you delete them man­u­al­ly. Cook­ies con­tain absolute­ly no per­son­al data.

4.2 Most browsers accept cook­ies auto­mat­i­cal­ly, but you have the option of chang­ing your brows­er pref­er­ences so that cook­ies are either gen­er­al­ly reject­ed or only spe­cif­ic kinds are accept­ed (e.g. rejec­tion of third-par­ty cook­ies). If you change the cook­ies set­tings in your brows­er, you may not be able to enjoy the full func­tion­al­i­ty of our web­site. You can find out how to change the sys­tem set­tings for the most pop­u­lar browsers using the fol­low­ing links:

Inter­net Explor­er™: http://​win​dows​.microsoft​.com/d…
Safari™: http://​apple​-safari​.giga​.de/ti…
Chrome™: http://​sup​port​.google​.com/chro…
Fire­fox™: https://​sup​port​.mozil​la​.org/de…
Opera™: http://​help​.opera​.com/​L​i​nux/9.…

5. Google Ana­lyt­ics

5.1 Our web­site uses Google Ana­lyt­ics, a web­site analy­sis tool by Google Inc., 1600 Amphithe­atre Park­way, Moun­tain View, CA 94043, USA (“Google”). Google Ana­lyt­ics uses cook­ies to analyse your usage of our web­site, and the infor­ma­tion col­lect­ed by the cook­ies is gen­er­al­ly sent to Google’s servers in the USA and stored there. The IP anonymi­sa­tion used on this web­site means that your IP address will be held in trun­cat­ed form by Google for mem­ber states of the Euro­pean Union as well as oth­er states par­ty to the agree­ment on the Euro­pean Eco­nom­ic Area. Only in excep­tion­al cas­es will the full IP address be trans­mit­ted to Google’s servers in the USA and short­ened there. Google will use this infor­ma­tion to eval­u­ate your web­site usage on our behalf, com­pile reports on web­site activ­i­ty and pro­vide oth­er ser­vices to us in rela­tion to the web­site and inter­net usage. Google will not asso­ciate your IP address with any oth­er data it holds. Google will not be able to dis­cern your iden­ti­ty.

5.2 Google is a par­tic­i­pant of the EU-US Pri­va­cy Shield, which oblig­es a com­pa­ny to uphold the agree­ment and con­stant­ly main­tain Euro­pean data pro­tec­tion stan­dards. A list of com­pa­nies with Pri­va­cy Shield cer­ti­fi­ca­tion can be found at http://​www​.pri​va​cyshield​.gov/list

5.3 Using the process described in Point 4, you can set up your brows­er pref­er­ences to pre­vent it from stor­ing cook­ies (or restrict third-par­ty cook­ies only). In addi­tion, you can also pre­vent Google from col­lect­ing and pro­cess­ing data gained from cook­ies relat­ing to your web­site usage (includ­ing your IP address) by down­load­ing and installing the cor­re­spond­ing brows­er plu­g­in (http://​tools​.google​.com/​d​l​p​a​g​e​/​g​a​o​p​t​o​u​t​?​hl=de).

5.4 You can find out more infor­ma­tion regard­ing pri­va­cy and Google Ana­lyt­ics, and what options you have, here: https://​www​.google​.at/​i​n​t​l​/​d​e​_​A​L​L​/​a​n​a​l​y​t​i​c​s​/​l​e​a​r​n​/​p​r​i​v​a​c​y​.html.

6. Face­book Pix­el

6.1 Face­book process­es data in accor­dance with its data pol­i­cy. Here is some gen­er­al infor­ma­tion about how Face­book ads are dis­played accord­ing to its pri­va­cy pol­i­cy: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​p​o​l​i​c​y.php. You can find more spe­cif­ic, detailed infor­ma­tion about Face­book-Pix­el and how it works on Facebook’s Help pages: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​busin...

6.2 You can pre­vent Face­book-Pix­el from col­lect­ing and pro­cess­ing your data for the pur­pos­es of dis­play­ing Face­book ads. If you want to con­trol what kind of adverts are dis­played to you on Face­book, you can go to the page Face­book has set up for this pur­pose and fol­low the instruc­tions on con­fig­ur­ing user-tar­get­ed adverts: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​s​e​t​t​i​n​g​s​?​t​a​b=ads. The set­tings cho­sen will be applied across all plat­forms, mean­ing that they will apply to all devices from your desk­top to mobile.

6.3 To stop Face­book-Pix­els from col­lect­ing data on our web­site, please click on the fol­low­ing link: Face­book-Opt-Out. Please note: If you click on the link, an opt-out cook­ie will be stored on your device. If you sub­se­quent­ly delete the cook­ies from the brows­er, you will have to click on the link again. More­over, the opt-out only works on the brows­er you used to down­load it and only for the web domain where you clicked on the link.

6.4 You can fur­ther pre­vent the deploy­ment of cook­ies that mea­sure vis­i­tor num­bers and enable adverts on the deac­ti­va­tion web­page of the Net­work Adver­tis­ing Ini­tia­tive (http://​optout​.net​workad​ver​tis​ing​.org/), and also on the US-based web­site (http://​www​.aboutads​.info/​c​h​oices) or Euro­pean web­site (http://​www​.youron​line​choic​es​.com/​u​k​/​y​o​u​r​-​a​d​-​c​h​o​ices/).

7. Data trans­fer; Right of infor­ma­tion, cor­rec­tion and dele­tion

7.1 Unless oth­er­wise spec­i­fied in our pri­va­cy pol­i­cy, data sent to us will not be giv­en to third par­ties with­out your express per­mis­sion. One excep­tion where this may hap­pen is in the case of third-par­ty cook­ies, since we have tools/​plugins inte­grat­ed into our web­site that set third-par­ty cook­ies and col­lect spe­cif­ic infor­ma­tion (see Point 5).

7.2 In accor­dance with pub­lic pri­va­cy law, you have a right to find out — at any time and free of charge — which data we have col­lect­ed from you, and sub­se­quent­ly stored and processed. You can at any time request any incor­rect data to be cor­rect­ed or delet­ed (in the lat­ter case, as far as there is no statu­to­ry stor­age oblig­a­tion or anoth­er legal basis for the pro­cess­ing in the sense of art. 6 GDPR that allows us to con­tin­ue pro­cess­ing the data). You can also with­draw any pri­or con­sent you have giv­en us to process your data for the future, or obtain a restric­tion of data pro­cess­ing, as pro­vid­ed by Arti­cle 18 GDPR. We will take the appro­pri­ate steps imme­di­ate­ly after receiv­ing your request.

7.3 You also have the right to receive from us the data you have giv­en us in a com­mon file for­mat. On request, we also pass the data on to a third par­ty of your choice, where tech­ni­cal­ly fea­si­ble.

8. Con­tact details for pri­va­cy-relat­ed issues

You can send any dec­la­ra­tions or requests regard­ing your rights — as stip­u­lat­ed in this pri­va­cy pol­i­cy or the law — at any time by con­tact­ing us at Sil­hou­ette Inter­na­tion­al Schmied AG, Ell­bogn­er­straße 24, 4021 Linz, Aus­tria, dataprotection@​silhouette-​international.​com, Tel.: +43(0)7323848 – 0.

9. Right to com­plain to a data pro­tec­tion super­vi­so­ry author­i­ty

You have the right to file a com­plaint to a data pro­tec­tion super­vi­so­ry author­i­ty at any time.