ODEE Hx NEUBAU Joerg optic woman
201204 Odeeh NEUBAU logo collab white
when visionaries unite

Our favorites

ODEE Hx NEUBAU Joerg woman Jörg Front m t656 7110 titanium matte
Our Jörg sunglasses with their warm earthy toned lenses are the perfect addition to a bold and fashion forward look.
ODEE Hx NEUBAU Sun Otto titanium matte Otto Front m t655 7010 titanium matte
Handmade out of long-lasting titanium, Otto stands out through a sophisticated and delicate design.
ODEE Hx NEUBAU man black and white TOBI Front m t102 9040 black ink matte
The combination of a clean design and matte color nuances make our titanium glasses Tobi a modern classic.
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