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Photographer Thu Thuy Pham opens up about beauty, Instagram and her motivation

After publishing her first book "Nine Women", Thu Thuy Pham continues taking beautiful photographs of people and moods. We talked to Thuy about beauty, Instagram and her motivation.

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How does your per­fect day look like?

Relax­ing with chilled music, good food, and scenery that longs to be cap­tured.

How does your per­fect shoot look like?

Good loca­tion, good sun light and a good team are the ele­ments I seek and am thank­ful for when­ev­er they click!

Which was one of the most mem­o­rable shoot­ings you did and why?

Most mem­o­rable was shoot­ing for my book Nine Women” – it was a per­son­al project about my her­itage, com­mu­ni­ty and aes­thet­ic ideals.

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Nature, still, peo­ple – which kind of pho­tog­ra­phy do you prefer?

I enjoy shoot­ing all three and feel they can be approached from a myr­i­ad of per­spec­tives depend­ing on your objective.

In which way do you think Insta­gram effects pho­tog­ra­phy?

It makes pho­tog­ra­phy both more approach­able and more dis­pos­able. I like that it gives peo­ple the pow­er to share with each oth­er and be inspired by one another.

How did your pho­tog­ra­phy change in the last few years?

Over the past few years I think I’ve start­ed to find my audi­ence’ so to speak, in that my aes­thet­ic has become more con­sis­tent through­out my projects and con­veys what I find beautiful.

Who is your top 5 inspi­ra­tion on Insta­gram?

@documenting_fashion – for nos­tal­gia
@diet_prada – for fun
@jodieabarnes – for styling
@puppiespedia – for cute­ness
@ryanmcginleystudios – for photography

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What or who inspires you in the offline world?

Peo­ple. I like to peo­ple watch and pick up on what trends are enter­ing the mar­ket and mak­ing it to the high street. It’s fas­ci­nat­ing that every morn­ing we make fash­ion choic­es and sub/​consciously give soci­ety an inkling of how we wish to be por­trayed. Fash­ion is like the­atre that plays out in front of our eyes. 

And women with sto­ries worth telling. Real women. I look for women who nur­ture; whether them­selves, oth­ers or the spaces around them. Peo­ple who care and make things hap­pen have sto­ries worth telling.

How do you start your day to get you moti­vat­ed?

I’m a very get up and go’ per­son in the morn­ing. If I see a ray of sun­light break­ing its way into my apart­ment then I know there are beau­ti­ful things and peo­ple wait­ing to be shot. Ok, so it’s a lit­tle hard­er to get up on a grey day I’ll admit!

— Fash­ion is like the­atre that plays out in front of our eyes.

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Cof­fee or tea?

Tea, please.

Sum­mer or Winter?

Sum­mer for sure, it’s too cold to shoot out­doors in Win­ter.

Which book have you read more than once?

Ways of See­ing by John Berg­er is a use­ful step into analysing how we read and inter­pret aes­thet­ic ide­olo­gies.

Which Neubau eye­wear style is your favorite?

It’s hard to choose, but I’d say San­dra is my favorite – it’s time­less yet modern.

07 Aug 2018 · neubau eyewear