Artists of the mon­th: Anna and Mar­cus from Green Blo­ga­zi­ne VIER­TELVOR

What makes standing by what you believe in even more powerful? Collaborating with like-minded people and turning your shared vision into reality! Anna and Marcus, founders of the sustainability focused online magazine VIERTEL \ VOR, took that by heart.

Not only do they work tog­e­ther and are a cou­p­le in their pri­va­te life, but also want to encou­ra­ge all of us to join them in their quest for living a more awa­re life­style. Based in Bran­den­burg near Ber­lin, Anna and Mar­cus chan­nel all their crea­ti­ve power into show­ca­sing the work of other sus­taina­bi­li­ty dri­ven peop­le, high­ligh­t­ing important issu­es regar­ding con­su­me­rism, and edu­ca­ting all of us about how to live a gree­ner life­style – sounds like a per­fect fit for our artists of the mon­th cate­go­ry, does­n’t it?

With earth day just behind us, we asked Anna and Mar­cus all about how VIER­TEL \ VOR star­ted and what their wis­hes for the sus­taina­bi­li­ty-move­ment are.

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How did the idea for Vier­tel \ Vor come about?
Anna: We are both free­lan­cers. Mar­cus is a video direc­tor, DOP, and a damn good pho­to­gra­pher, too. I’m a jour­na­list and copy­wri­ter. We were always lucky to have good assign­ments for lar­ge brands, agen­ci­es, maga­zi­nes, and publis­hers. But bit by bit we rea­li­zed that we often made good adver­ti­sing for bad stuff. We were busy pro­mo­ting things and ide­as that are not tru­ly important to us.

Mar­cus: Also, the always-recur­ring trends and the con­sump­ti­on life­style of our Wes­tern cul­tu­re bored us. I can’t find anything inte­res­ting in going to a mall and don’t feel satis­fied by buy­ing anything. The who­le topic of sus­taina­bi­li­ty on the other hand is a real chal­len­ge that ques­ti­ons our who­le socia­liz­a­ti­on. This is much more exciting!

Anna: So, sud­den­ly Mar­cus drop­ped one very decisi­ve sen­tence: We need new role models. In a way, tha­t’s what Vier­tel \ Vor is all about: Peop­le who think dif­fe­rent. Peop­le who care about hap­py bees, enough trees, fresh air and clean water. Modern envi­ron­men­ta­lists who want to sup­port our local pla­net while having fun! Thin­king about sus­taina­bi­li­ty is cool. It does not have to be com­pli­ca­ted. It can look good, tas­te good, smell good, and give us and ever­yo­ne around a good time.

Mar­cus: And we per­so­nal­ly are hap­py to now be able to com­bi­ne our skills with a good purpose.

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How do you find a good balan­ce bet­ween work and (private-)life?
Mar­cus: As a free­lan­cer I lear­ned over the years to stop working at a cer­tain point and try to hand­le my workli­fe as if I would be employ­ed some­whe­re. The pro­blem is that I find so many inte­res­ting topics in my time­li­nes that I have to think about work all the time. Tha­t’s cool, but tha­t’s also why it’s some­ti­mes hard to real­ly let go. I’ll have to switch off my cell or Social Media to real­ly calm down. The best thing for that is to work in the garden.

Anna: So true! Becau­se, to be honest, some­ti­mes I can’t find this balan­ce! Sin­ce the launch of Vier­tel \ Vor work and life are pret­ty much intert­wi­ned. But it’s also more fun to work now, so some­ti­mes it’s ok to mix up the so-cal­led work-life-balan­ce. Nevertheless, I’m cur­r­ent­ly try­ing to have one cell­p­ho­ne free day per week. Apart from that, we never cap­tu­re real pri­va­te or too spe­cial moments for our blo­ga­zi­ne and social media, sor­ry! Espe­cial­ly moments in natu­re like a beau­ti­ful sun­down in Bran­den­burg, whe­re we most­ly live, have to be enjoy­ed without any thoughts about Ins­ta-Sto­ries or stuff like that in my opinion.

What does sus­taina­bi­li­ty” mean to you?
Mar­cus: To make sure that we live in balan­ce with natu­ral resour­ces and pro­ces­ses so our kids can have a good envi­ron­ment to live in.

Anna: For me it sim­ply means to care. Think about what leads to what, think about wha­t’s real­ly important. And – most import­ant­ly: redu­ce! We don’t expect anyo­ne to beco­me total­ly asce­tic. But a litt­le less fast fashion items, bet­ter meat, and here and the­re a renoun­ce­ment of plastic was­te is easy to do! Examp­le: Say no to Cof­fee-to-go and take your time to drink it. Or buy a nice reus­able mug.

Apart from that, what can ever­y­bo­dy do to start living a more sus­tainab­le life?
Anna: Sharp your awa­reness! Just start to care a litt­le more about pro­duc­tion con­di­ti­ons and mate­ri­als. Buy local food or skip fast fashion. When it comes to clothes my favo­ri­te man­tra is less is more”. It’s cool to just have a few pie­ces – real favorites.

Mar­cus: It’s actual­ly not that hard. You can switch to rene­wa­ble ener­gy any­ti­me. You can start to shop local and without plastic any­ti­me. You can switch to a bank that does­n’t invest into fos­sil fuels, wea­pons or shit­ty com­pa­nies. You can do all tho­se things right now and without any big effort. It’s your decision.

What are the small things ever­yo­ne can look out for in ever­y­day life?
Mar­cus: Invest your money wise­ly. With every Euro or Dol­lar you spend you sup­port a cer­tain com­pa­ny and a cer­tain way of pro­duc­tion. Ask yourself which com­pa­nies you want to sup­port – tho­se who tre­at this pla­net like shit or tho­se who care and think for­ward and sus­tainab­le. Again – it’s your decision.

Is the­re some­thing spe­ci­fic ever­yo­ne should know about sus­taina­bi­li­ty?
Mar­cus: You are the one that has the power to chan­ge everything.

Anna: Word.

Whe­re do you see the future of the sus­taina­bi­li­ty-move­ment?
Anna: I would love for it to beco­me sexier! Becau­se with a litt­le more fun and style, a lot of the har­der and even much more important envi­ron­ment-topics could reach the main­stream much fas­ter. Apart from that, we are sure that sus­taina­bi­li­ty and a green life­style are more than a trend or even more than a move­ment. It’s a must. And it affects all of us.

Mar­cus: Yes. I hope that it’s not just a move­ment any­mo­re but a status-quo.

Pho­to­gra­phy & Con­cept Mar­cus Wer­ner & Anna Schunck

26 Apr. 2017 · NEUBAU EYEWEAR
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